I also want to devote my life to charity

I also want to devote my life to charity

«Our women are now at all levels.

But they have forgotten their main mission:

to care for their children and family.

That’s what we need to focus on.

All those political and social duties

must come next, while being a woman and raising healthy

members of the society is what really matters.»


All people have idols, and at me this is Sara Alpysovna Nazarbayeva who is the first lady of Kazakhstan. She was born on the 12th of February 1941, in Kzyl-Zhar, Karaganda. Getting specialty of economist, she graduated technical college of Karaganda metallurgical factory. Sara Alpysovna Nazarbayeva met the head of the country in the same factory, where they had their wedding ceremony in 1962. In April 1990 with Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev’s election to power, she became the first lady of Kazakhstan. The President’s couple has three daughters: Dariga, Dinara and Aliya. Sara Alpysovna is keen on ski sports and swimming. She also practices dousing in cold water.

Great is her contribution to educational development of children of Kazakhstan. She influenced on many people, did a great deal for Kazakhstan. «Sara Nazarbayeva is against the adoption of Kazakh children by residents from other countries.» The best half of the President is the head of the Charitable Children’s Foundation «Bobek». She established «Bobek» to help mother and child care, provide supervision of foundling homes and orphanages, make available equipment and supplies to schools, aid gifted children from low-income families, and to assist the child health care system. Her fond «Bobek» renders the real help to society in solving of problems, related to providing of rights, legal interests of young generation and morally-spiritual education of children. For me she is as a close person. To do all possible for orphans, to write several books, establish the lesson of self-knowledge in all schools of Kazakhstan – these works are a real deposit; for this reason I want to be as Sara Alpysovna Nazarbayeva.

On behalf of all children of Kazakhstan I would like to thank to dear Sara Alpysovna Nazarbayeva. You’re not just a mother of your beloved daughters; you’re the mother of whole nation!