Ағылшын тілінен 11 сыныпқа арналған қолданбалы курс бағдарламасы.

Ағылшын тілінен 11 сыныпқа арналған қолданбалы курс  бағдарламасы.

2011- 2012 оқу жылы.

The theme:  English Speaking Countries



Less Hour Units  / Structures Functions Vocabulary Date
I quarter
1 1 English Speaking Countries and Kazakhstan Giving some comprehensive information about countries Strategy of rapid development, attraction foreign investments
2 1 Cooperation and relationship Presentation.

Making composition on the theme.

Cultural connecting link, intensively growing, agreements to be signed
3 1 Geographical Distribution of Turkic peoples Compare English Speaking Count. with Turk community Concentration, aboriginal population, distribution
4 1 Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment Introduction of the new material Maintain trade, export deliveries, external market
5 1 Industrial Development and Technology Reading for specific information & answering questions Mineral resources, energy complex, hydroelectric etc
6 1 Environmental Protection Discussing the main problems & to do creative works man-induced, irrigation systems, disposal fields, slime ponds
7 1 Transportation Network Talking about modern transport in the world Longitudinal main routes, pipelines transportation
8 1 Holydays and Celebrations Talking about important events


Charity, dummy ,to let off fireworks 26. 10
9 1 Revision materials 2. 11
II quarter
10 1 Cultural Borrowing and Languages Presentation about another countries

Comparing cultures & talking about borrowing

Colonization, conquests, historical depth, regard to religion, life stock 16. 11
11 1 Famous People and Leaders Listening : radio programs, interviews,

Talking about famous people& leaders

Scientific workers, persons engaged in cultural & educational activities 23. 11
12 1 Careers Speaking: talking about photos

Guessing game

Jobs, politeness, writing a letter of application 30. 11
13 1 Religion Giving reasons and examples role plays –everyday situations Dates and periods of history, feelings, verbs of movement 7.12





World Music

Stories. Films

Speaking: a short presentation of a topic

Reading: Short story

Giving opinions about films, photo

Creative work

Stories, modifies, film genres, film jargon

21. 12
16 1 Exam zones 28. 12
III quarter
17 1 Educational system of the countries Comparing educational system of Eng. Sp-g Count. & Kazak
18 1 Einstein For A Day Reading: Biographical and historical background
19 1 A Typical Day at My Ideal School Speaking: telling future dreams
20 1 The Media A Discussion about TV, radio programs & listening The Media, magazines, the Internet, collocation
21 1 The Power of  Friendship Preparing for discuss-ion, expressing opinions Arrow, distract, the day began to dawn,
22 1 Writers Reading autobiography extract
23 1 Poems. “Burn’s Night” Project work
24 1 At the Library
25 1 Adventure Reading non- fiction about expeditions Word building
26 1 Quiz



IV quarter

27 1 Traveling Speaking: discussing means of transport, role plays, problems Travel words
28 1 At the Customs Travel situation.

Visiting countries

Making dialogue
29 1 Telephone Etiquette Matching information and dialogues
30 1 Taking a message
31 1 Advertising Reading magazine adverts, asking for and giving information, interviewing Advertising expressions, idiomatic expressions
32 1 Planning a trip The Future  determiners
33 1 Optional lesson Progress test
34 1  Revision lesson




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