Theme: “Polyglot”

Grade: 7 A

Theme:      “Polyglot”


The aim:    to develop pupils’ intellect, to practice hearing, speaking, to memorize and retain in memory the language material they have learnt.


The type:  an intellectual show


Visual aids:  slides, placards, markers, a computer,  an interactive board, pictures.


Epigraph:  “I’m a part of the world,

                    And the world is a part of me”


Good afternoon, dear pupils, teachers and guests! Welcome to our intellectual show! We are glad to see you and we hope that you’ll enjoy today’s game.

Language is the main type of means of communication. There are nearly 3000 languages in the world. English and Russian are the languages of an international communication, they are the languages of Pushkin, Shakespeare, Lermontov< Byron, whom we love and respect for their poems, sonnets and novels. And Kazakh is the state language of our country.

With the help of the knowledge of foreign languages we can communicate with each other, through the Internet or get necessary information from it. And with the help of Russian and Kazakh we can develop our skills in oral speech and reading and bring up as patriots of our motherland.

  • Well, we begin our game and let’s meet our participants.
  • ( Participants tell some words about themselves, about hobbies, favourite subjects, motto, etc.)
  • A man who knows many languages has no barriers and difficulties, especially in the 1st level “Baiga”

Total 10

  • Well, let’s start the 1st
  • Are you ready?
  • Who is the head of Kazakhstan? ( President N.Nazarbayev)
  • What river is Astana situated on? ( on the river Irtish)
  • What is the most popular holidays in Kazakhstan? ( Nauryz, Independence day, Women’s day)
  • How many regions are there in Kazakhstan? (14 regions)
  • When does Kazakhstan celebrate Independence day? (16 December)
  • Do you know great people of Kazakhstan? (A.Kunanbayev, M. Auezov, T.Musabayev)
  • What are the countries of the United Kingdom? ( England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland)
  • Who is the head of Great Britain? ( Queen Elizabeth II )
  • What is the oldest university of Great Britain? ( Oxford )
  • Do you know great people of Great Britain? ( Lewis Carroll, Games Cook, Charlie Chaplin)




Level 2 “Polyglot”

  1. Жылтырағанның бәрі … … емес. ( алтын, золото, gold)
  2. Ештен … … жақсы ( кеш, поздно, late)
  3. Нет дыма без … …. ( огня, от, fire)
  4. Куй железо пока … … ( горячо, ыстық, hot)
  5. East or West, …… is best ( home, дом, үй)
  6. Life is short, art is …… ( long, длинный, ұзын)

Егер қатысушы 2 жұрыс жауап берсе, 20 ұпай алады. Ал 1 нұсқасы – 10 ұпай.


Level 3 “Magic seven”




20blue — Әр мақалдың ағылшын тілінде нұсқасын табу

  • Басы қатты болса, аяғы тәтті болады
  • Оқусыз бідім жоқ, білімсіз күнің жоқ
  • Ештен кеш жақсы
  1. Better late than never
  2. All is well that ends well
  3. Live and learn


20 yellow – Қазақ  мақал-мәтелдерін орыс тіліне аудар.

Әр нәрсенің өз уақыты бар

Өз үйім — өлең төсегім


20 red – Find out a word

lsocoh — ;              dfnire — ;               rewolf —                rothme –


30 blue — Find the opposites:

  • patient –
  • helpful –
  • hardworking –
  • active –
  • clever –


30 yellow — Riddles

  • What runs without legs?
  • A little woman with 12 children, some short, some long, some cold, some hot.

What is she?

  • These two brothers live not very far apart, one on the left, one on the right but they never see each other.




30 red — Make up sentences

  • have / been / They / in Moscow / for / living / 2 years
  • play / every / I / tennis / day
  • is / Kazakhstan / the / Astana / capital / of


40 blue — Do you know this?



40 yellow — Grammar

  • Show the formula of the Present Perfect Continuous
  • Show the formula of the Past Simple


40 red — The table – Fill in …


Country Capital Language









(Әділ қазы мүшелері ұпайларды санайды. Жоғары ұпай жинаған екі қатысушының жеңімпаз атануға мүмкіндігі бар).


Level 4 “ If I were ..”

You are offered the following situations, you must speak in three languages (Kazakh, Russian, English):


1st    You are a new pupil in class. Introduce yourself and your family to your new classmates.


2nd    Imagine that you are a guide and speak about the sightseeing of your native town / city.



Concluding part.

  • So, thank you for the game. We wish you health, we wish you joy! Good – bye!