Тақырыбы ; Food

Мақсаты :      Салауатты өмір сүру салтын қалыптастыру.

Міндеттер: 1. Food тақырыбында жаңа сөздерді енгізу, бекіту.

  1. Жазу, сөйлеу дағдыларын қалыптастыру.
  2. Талдау жасауға, қорытынды шығара білуге дағдыландыру.
  3. Білімге деген қызығушылығын арттыру, бір – бірінің ойын

тыңдай білуге ,сыйлай білуге үйрету.


Procedure of the lesson

  1. Organization moment
  • Good morning!
  • I am very glad to see you!
  • If you are ready, let’s start our lesson.
  1. Warming up
  • What can you see on the picture?
  • What are there?
  • Do you like our national Kazakh kitchen?
  • Thank you very much!
  • Presentation / practice

T1. Today we are going to conclude the theme: food

First let’s remember the new words

Name theme:

Drinks: tea, coca – cola, pepsy, water …

Vegetables: tomatoes, cabbage, potatoes …

Fruits: apples, grappes, orange …

Cold food: cheese

Hot food: fish, meat, soup …

Sweet food: pie, cake

T2.   – What would you like?

  1. For breakfast?
  2. For dinner?
  3. For supper?


I would like …. for ….. .

 T3   thank you very much.

The next task. Let’s try to guess some riddles.

  • Rabbit likes to eat …
  • We eat soup with …
  • Little mouse likes …
  • Tiger would like to eat …






  • We drink coffee with …
  • Children drink tea with … and …

 T:4.  The next task: Make up sentences and write down.

  1. eat / in the morning / porridge / I.
  2. she / milk / with / coffee / drink / does not.
  3. Hamburgers / they / with / like / cheese.
  4. We / eat / for breakfast / do not pizza / and / fish.
  5. For supper / would / I / orange / like / juice.
  6. Does not / Asel / mineral / drink / water.

Ok, let’s check up

T:5. Say in one word

A hard, round green or red fruit that is white inside and grows on trees. — (an apple)

White liquid taken from cows, goats or sheep. – ( milk)

Clear liquid that falls as rain and is used for drinking, washing, cooking. – ( water)

T:6.   How do you think is everything healthy that we eat?

Is it healthy or unhealthy?

P1: Grapes are healthy for our health.

Hamburger is not healthy for our health.

T:7.   Read  a dialogue

How do you think is he a healthy man?  Ok, it is fine.

T:8. Let’s check up how are you a healthy child. Let’s do the text.

  1. Do you often go to » Fast food «?
  2. never b) seldom      c) often
  3. What would you eat for breck fast?
  4. a porridge b) hamburger with tea       c) pizza with cake
  5. What would you eat for dinner?
  6. a porridge b) meat    c) I would go to Me Donalds
  7. what would you eat for supper?
  8. a salad with orange juice b) cheese    c) hamburger
  9. Do you do morning exercises?
  10. every morning b) seldom     c) never

Answers: A. You are a healthy child

  1. You have some problems with your health.
  2.            Only doctor can help you!


Proverb: Early to bed, early to rise, make a man healthy, wealthy and wise!