Who knows better?

Plan of the competition lesson

In 6 form “Who knows better?”

Aims:          To practise in speaking, reading, auding and writing. To develop oral speech, attention, memory, thinking ability. To broaden the pupils’ mind. To raise the interest in learning English. To bring up discipline, diligence, sense of collectivism.

Visual aids:  an interactive board, slides, cards on grammar, pictures.



  1. Preliminary moment.

-Good afternoon, children! Glad to see you, sit down, please.  We begin our competition lesson «Who knows better? » (slide № 1) where you must show your knowledge of English, be attentive and active. Today our competition will be between 2 groups (teams – “Friendship” and “Readers”.) but first let me introduce you our jury. Besides the members of the jury you can see many other guests – the teachers of our school and some other schools of our town. Well, let’s begin our competition!

  1. The first task of our competition is introducing yourself. Each team must introduce the members of the team, say their motto and recite a short poem connected with the name of the team.

III. – Thank you, teams, and now we start the next task of our contest which is called “First think, then speak”. On the board you see 3 zones – red, yellow and green. For each zone with a question you’ll get points — 10, 20, 30 (slide №2). The answer of the red sector must be given in Russian, English and Kazakh.

Let’s start our second round (warm – up)- “First think, then speak”.

(Slides № 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.)

Thank you, teams, for your answers.

  1. Now we’ll have some grammar(slides № 9-12).

The task is to write the verbs in the Past Simple and the Past Continuous. I’ll give you the cards, when you finish working, you will write the verbs on the board.

(While the pupils are working let us watch the slides about London. «Welcome to London»)

– Pupils, let’s control your work. Please read the sentence and write the verb on the board. Let us see if you have any mistakes. (The correct answer- slides № 10, 12)

Children, while the jury are busy with your points and scores, let’s sing a song.

«Baa — baa black sheep» (karaoke). Do you want to sing another song  “10 little Indians”?

  1. We begin the next round of our competition. It’s a description of the picture. The aim is to show the differences in the pictures (if there are any) and similarities. The jury will count your sentences (Each team gets 2 pictures on a certain theme. The team is divided into 2 subgroups and each subgroup describes its picture). (Slides № 13, 14)

(The guests are watching the film  «Welcome to Kazakhstan»).

The teams describe the pictures paying attention to the differences and similarities in the pictures.

e.g.  P1  — I can see 2 children in my picture.

P2  — I can see 3 children in my picture.  etc.

  1. VI. And now, children, we’ll see how you know the English proverbs. You’ll see the slide with proverbs and you’ll have to complete the proverb. Give the answer immediately. Let’s start!

(Slides№ 15, 16, 17, 18).

(Slides № 16 and 18 are with the correct answers).   

VII. Well, children, we’ve come to the last part of our competition «Captains’ contest». Now the captains show how many rhymes and short English poems they know. Captains, you are welcome!

VIII. While the jury are counting your points and summing it up let’s watch a cartoon.

(Cartoon «The greatest treasure»).

  1. Summing it up. Giving prizes.

The end of the lesson.