When is your Birthday? Cardinal Numerals and Ordinal Numerals

The theme of the lesson :  When is your Birthday? Cardinal Numerals and Ordinal Numerals

The aims of the lesson:  Реттіксанесімдерді үйрету. Жылдың төрт мезгілін, ай аттарын үйрету. Өзінің туған күні қашан екенін айтуды үйрету.Ағылшын тіліне деген қызығушылықтарын арттыру,көңіл күйлерін көтеру.

Visual aids: Interactive board, pictures, cards

I Organization moment

Good morning, pupils. I’m glad to see you again! Today we have guests, let’s greet our guests and say “Hello”

We say hello,

We say hi!

Hello and hi,

Hello and hi.

Thank you. Sit down, please.

-Who is on duty today?                                                               — I’m on duty today

-Who is absent?                                            — ………… is/ are absent

What’s the weather like today?                                                — It’s rainy and windy

  1. Checking up home task

Now, pupils let’s up your home task.

Akerke what was your home task ?- Learn by heart new words about preposition

Behind- артында -сзади

Between  — ортасында — между

In front of-алдында — перед

Next to  — қасында , жанында – рядом с

Opposite – қарсы,  керісінше — напротив

among   —  арасында —  среди

III. The new theme

Ok, pupils let’s begin our lesson. Open your copy- books and write down today’s date.

Today is the 7th  of December. We have new thems When is your birthday? And Cardinal, Ordinal Numerals.

Ағылшын тілінде заттың санын, мөлшерін білдіретін сандар есептік сан есімдер (Cardinal Numerals) деп аталады. Мыс: one, two, three,four,five

Заттың реттік немесе орнын білдіретін сандар реттік сан есімдер (Ordinal Numerals) деп аталады.Мыс: first,second,third,fourth,fifth

Реттік сан есімдер алғашқы үш санды қоспағанда есептік сандарға thжұрнағын жалғау арқылы жасалады. Fourth thirteenth twentieth

Алғашқы үш реттік сан ережеден тыс жасалады. One – first   two – second  three – third

Бұл сандар күрделі реттік сандардың соңында да осылайша оқылады. 21st  twenty-first

22nd twenty – second

23rd twenty third

Example: The 1st of September

Today is the 23rd of January

Let’s begin our new words. Look at the interactive board.The first listen to me and repeat after me.My dear pupils we are going to speak about four seasons.

What can you see in this pictures?

It’s Winter

It’s Spring

It’s Summer

It’s Autumn

Winter – қыс — зима

Spring – көктем — весна

Summer – жаз — лето

Autumn– күз – осень

Pupils, how many months in year? Let’s begin our months

December   желтоқсан  декабрь

January       қаңтар     январь

February    ақпан        февраль

March       наурыз        март

April        сәуір          апрель

May         мамыр      май

June        маусым    июнь

July         шілде       июль

August    тамыз      августь

September  қыркүйек сентябрь

October     қазан    октябрь

November қараша  ноябрь

  1. Exercises work

Open your books. What can you see in this pictures?

Read the dialogue. Asel and Carol

Ex 4 Listen and repeat

Ex 5 Talk to your friend

-What month is it after March?

-It’s April.

-What month is it before September?

-It’s August.

Ex 7

In which month is your birthday?

In    ____________.

Ex 9

When’s your birthday?

-It’s on _____________.

Look at the interactive board

Write the next month

January , February , then  _________

September, October, then _________

May, june, then ______

December , January, then ____________

July,  august, then ______________

February, March, then  ______________

Put in the missing letters

Se_te_berjan_ary   marc_        fo_rteen

Seven_heightee_thwinte_    twelft_

Thirte_nthfir_t     _econd ten___

  1. Confirmation work

When is your birthday?

It’s on 31 of January

________________                           __________________                                       _________________

__________________                                                   __________________

Can you sing Happy birthday to you

Find 10 words

January, February, November, December, spring, summer, winter, autumn, season, weather.

Match the sentences

  • The first winter month is ……….
  • The second winter month is ………
  • The third winter month is ………
  • The first summer month is ……..
  • The second summer month is …….
  1. Home task

Learn by heart new words

Ex 13 the names of the season and month.

The date of your birthday.

VII. Marks

The lesson is over. Good- bye!