The theme of the lesson: Merry Christmas

The theme of the lesson: Merry Christmas

Aims of the lesson: develop communicative skills and abilities;

  1. to discuss holidays in different countries; work in groups.

The Procedure of the lesson.

  1. Organization moment


  1. Warm up.

Teacher:Good day , dear pupils . We shall speak about British holidays .I hope you will enjoy our demonstrative lesson.

We know that people in every  country  celebrate holidays. The word “ holiday” means “Holly day” .Most holidays in Great Britain are not religious , but commemorative in nature and origin.

III.Vocabulary . Read and the understanding.


Commemorative- ұмтылмас күн

Annual- жыл сайынғы

Nomadic- көшпелі

Messages- қысқа хат

Commonwealth- достастық

Amazing- ғажап

Dedication- арнау

Decorate- безендіру

Ornament- ою,әшекей

Lights- жарық

  1. T-P1,P2…

If a person would like to write a few lines to his friends or relatives, he usually sends postcards- holiday’s postcards, birthday postcards,Christmas and New Year postcards.Greeting cards are big business in Britain. English- speaking person who is sending a postcards of a very informal nature to his friends or relatives writes like this:

Greeting: Dear Pat, Dear Andy

Closing; Love/ Lots of love/Best wishes/Wish you were here.

Well, pupils, the postman came to our lesson. He has brought some holiday postcards.

  1. Work with postcards.
  2. A) Look at the interactiveboard.


Christmas Day                       Boxing Day             Good Friday

\                  |                        /

Holidays in Great Britain


——New Year


/                      |                         \

Spring Bank Holidays       Easter Monday       Summer Bank Holiday

Christsas Day-Діни мереке

Boxing Day-Рождество мерекесінен кейінгі

Good Friday- Қасиетті жұма күні

New Year’s Day- Жаңа жыл мерекесі

Easter Monday- Пасха күні

Spring Bank Holiday- Көктем мерекесі

Summer Bank Holiday- Жаздың алғашқы  күні

  1. Look at the interactiveboard.

I want to tell you some information about Christmas.

VII.Test .p.83.

A)Read the text   and speak about traditions connected with Christmas.

  1. b) Шығармашылық эссе.Берілген сөздерден сөйлем құрау.

С) Match the words. Үш тілде сәйкестендіру .

  1. D) Топтық жұмыс.(сөйлемді толықтыру)

Е)  Топтастыру диаграммасы. Retelling.

VIII.Doing of the ex.1.p. 84.



25-th of December-birth                                   Religious holiday

\                                           /

of Jesus Christ                \                                  /



—-Stocking to receive gifts
Queen of the UK and      /                                \

The commonwealth                                   Christmas pudding




X.Home task. Ex. 4. to learn words and poems, to write greeting cards.