Class: 7




  1. Educational: To enrich students knowledge on the theme ; to widen their vocabulary through doing different tasks; .
  2. Developmental: To develop student’s skills in oral speech; to develop student’s writing, reading and speaking abilities through giving several tasks; to improve their mental and critical thinking.
  3. Cultural: To bring up students to respect and love foreign language.

Type:     combined

Visual aids: a text,  cards, different tasks on the sheets, pictures of   transports, grammar table


The Procedure of the lesson:



I.The org.moment (2 мин)


Good morning  pupils!                                  Good morning   teacher!

Sit down  please.

What  date is it  today?                                   Today  is ……… .

What  day  is today?                                        It is ……………. .




  1. Today we will speak about Travelling



Warm-up.         The lesson begins with the poem about Travel

(the poem is recorded and played on the computer).




Slide 1  (3 мин)



Travel is fast and great
It gives you a chance to meet and greet
It’s like having a chance to great
It’s not boring like looking at your own feet



III. Phonetic practice. Pupils read the poem with good intonation, the teacher checks and corrects    where necessary.


  1. Now begin our lesson.


Slide 2 


There are 3 kind of transport:




water transport (водный): Ship,   Boat





air transport (воздушный): Plane, Helicopter


urban transport (городской): Car,   tram, motorbike,  Bus, Train







Slide 3 (2 мин)


New words:

Car  — машина

Plane — ұшақ

Train — пойыз

Helicopter — тікұшақ

Bus  — автобус

Ship — кеме

Boat — қайық

Walk  — жаяу жүру(бару)



Slide 4  (3 мин)

“Why do people travel ?”


Slide 5 (3 мин)

“Write the missing letters”


Answer the question:

  • What is your favorite kind of transport?
  • My favorite kind of transport is car



Slide 7 (5 мин)







Slide 6 (3 мин)


Now, divide these transports into public and private transport:


a trama car




Slide 8 (5 мин)


  1. Физминутка CROSSWORD







Slide 9 (3 мин)

                             “Who is the fastest?”








Slide 10 (2 мин)

  1. Comprehension check




VII. Giving  up the home task


Home task: — And now write down your home task. Your home task will be repeat the grammar rule, to learn by heart the new words




VIII. Evaluation

Thank  you  for  your   activity. Your  marks. The  lesson is  over. Good  bye.