The theme: Talking about the past

The theme: Talking about the past

The aim: 1. learning the grammar Past Simple Tense

  1. Develop pupil’s communicative skills.
  2. Teaching patriotism, love to their school

Type of the lesson:

Org mom:  —      Good afternoon, pupils!

  • Good afternoon, teacher!
  • Who is on duty today?
  • I’m on duty today.
  • Who is absent?
  • All are present
  • You are welcome to this lesson, dear pupils. Today we have an unusual lesson. I have devoted this lesson to the 70th anniversary of our school. You know we are going to celebrate it on the 25th of this month. So before beginning of the lesson let’s talk a little about our school. Your home task was to prepare a topic on theme “My school”. Who wants to say about your school.

New material:  The past simple Tense

Watching video material

Notice that:

  • livedstarted,died are regular past forms.
  • was, wrote are irregular past forms.
  • The verbs «lived, started, died» are regularpast forms. The rule is the following:
Verb + ed
The infinitiveThe simple past

Regular verbs                                      Irregular verbs:


The infinitiveThe simple past








The verbs «waswrote» are irregular past forms. «Was» is the simple past of «to be»; «wrote» is the simple past of «write».



Listening:  Kitty’s school day.


Work with text:


Our school  was founded in 1943. It was hard days of the war years.  At first time only 6 student  went to school.  The first teacher was Shahatov  Taskynbay.  In 1993 the school  named after  Marshal Abdikhalykov.   He was born in 1936 in Akshukur.  He is a writer, journalist, playwright.  He wrote many works. Many successful peoples studied in this school.


founded [fɔunded] – құрылған

war [wɔ:] – соғыс

Playwright [ˈpleɪraɪt] – драматург

successful [səkˈsesful] – табысты


Comprehension check:

When this school was founded?

How many students were there?

When it was named after M. Abdikhalykov?

Where was he born?

What is M. Abdikhalykov.

Do you know popular peoples from your school?


Song : “I love school”




Doing exercises: Ex 6, p32



Home task: ex. 7 p. 33