The theme: Education

The theme: Education

The aims: Asking and talking about education in Great Britain.

Organization moment : Good afternoon, children! How are you? I am

glad to see you. Who is on duty today?

Who is absent today? What was your home

task for today ? Let’s begin our lesson.

Explanation of the work: Today we are having a competition between

two teams. During the competition we will give

you the information about education in Britain.

Now let’s begin our competition. We elect a

competent jury. They are our English teachers.

I’ll give you task you must answer them.


I .  The first task is: Phonetic drill.

I’ll give you words you must discuss it.  1.  Pen,  infant

  1. map, private

1  Дауысты дыбыс нешеу?

2 Неше буынды?

3 Қандай буын?

4 Дауысты а әрпі қалай оқылады?




The second task is : Make up the words from this letters.Құралған сөздерді әр топ жазып көрсетеді.



The third  task is: Write a word map using this words. Math, teacher, modern, geography, grammar, music, professor, student, history, art, private, pupil, secondary.















The forth task is: Test on theme.

  • At what age do English children begin going to primary school?
  1. At 5 b) at 7     c) at 5
  • When do children start going to school in Great Britain?
  1. 6 b)  5         c)  7
  • How long does primary education last?
  1. For 6 years b) for 7 years    c)  for 5 years
  • What famous universities are in London?
  1. Laminose b) Cambridge and Oxford   c) Liverpool
  • If they go to———— schools they will have a good secondary education.
  1. Primary b) grammar       c) modern


Home task:  To learn by heart the proverbs.

Live and learn.

Better late than never.


Dear boys and girls ! Thank you for your activity at the lesson. The lesson is over , you may be free. Good bye!