The theme of the lesson: The British Museum

The 8th form

The theme of the lesson: The British Museum

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Бозой орта мектебінің ағылшын тілі пәнінің мұғалімі


The aim of the lesson: a. Educational: to give main information about the British Museum, to enrich pupils’ knowledge

B Developing: to develop the skills of speaking, reading on the theme, to develop pupils’ habits in making short conversation;

  1. Bringing-up: to bring up feeling of responsibility and love culture

The type of the lesson: mixed lesson

Visual aids slides, pictures, interactive board

The procedure of the lesson

1 b
3 2 a u
4 r t i f i c i e l
5 d o m e c a
p e t
o s h
t r e a s u r e s
7 a n t i q u i t y

I Org.moment:

II Warm up: a. new words

  1. crossword


1.To give or to leave by will

  1. 2. The right to have smth.
  2. Place, room or a container where smth, is stored
  3. Made by people and used instead of smth natural
  4. A roof shaped like the top half of a ball
  5. Wealth which is stored up
  6. That which belongs to ancient times















III Checking home task: Museums in Kazakhstan

Project work: pupils speak about museums of Kazakhstan


1speaking about Central state museum of Kazakhstan




2 speaking about Kasteev’s Museum of Art


3 speaking about State Museum of Popular Musical Instruments                              





IV Answer the questions of the pupils

V  Speaking: act the dialogue ex.III

VI Presentation: The British Museum


1 video film:  The British Museum








2 read the text: ex. III:  The British Museum

3 give some facts about:  The British Museum

4 diagram


VII Consolidation of the lesson

VIII Giving marks

VII Giving home work; text; The British Museum