The Leader of the XXI Century

The Leader of the XXI Century



  1. Оқушылар арасында ағылшын тілін тұлға аралық қарым-қатынас ретінде қызығушылығын арттыру.
  2. Оқушыларда қарым-қатынас мәдениеті мен құзыреттілігін дамыту.
  3. Ағылшын тілі құралдары арқылы эстетикалық тәрбиелеу.



  • елтанудан өткен тақырыптар бойынша білімдерін бақылау;
  • оқушыларда «Ұлыбритания» тақырыбы бойынша лексикалық материалды қолдануды тәжірибелеу;
  • оқушыларды МАБ және ҰБТ сәтті тапсыруына дайындау.


Форма:   Ток-шоу

Сынып: 9


Сабақ барысы.


Presenter 1: Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.

Presenter 2: Good afternoon dear friends. You are welcome to our English game“ Leader of the XXI century “.

Presenter 1: We have got 4 experts.

Presenter 2 : Four participants take part in our game. /They are…/

Presenter 1: The first level is called     “BAIGA”

Presenter 2: You should answer 16 questions. The first who raises the sign is going to answer. Each right answer brings you 10 points.

Presenter 2: So we begin.


  1. What is the symbol of Ireland? /Shamrock/


  1. What is the capital of Australia? /Canberra/


  1. Which holiday is celebrated on the 17th of March? /St. Patrick’s day./


  1. Which river does Stratford stand on? /Avon/


  1. Who is the master of the first British opera? /Henry Purcell/


  1. Who invented the telephone? /Alexander Bell/


  1. What city is the center of cotton goods industry in England? /Manchester/


  1. What is the name the British Queen? /Elisabeth II/


  1. Who is the Patron Saint of England? /St. George/


10.What is April 23d connected  in England with?

/It is St George’s day who is the Patron saint of England.

That day is also the anniversary of the birth of W. Shakespeare/


  1. That poet was called “The Father of English Poetry”. Who is he?

/Geoffrey Chaucer/


  1. What competition is held in Wimbledon? / Tennis competition /


  1. Who discovered penicillin? / Fleming /


  1. Where was the first underground railway in the world? /in England/


  1. What is the longest river in Great Britain? /The Severn/


  1. Which is the most popular British sport? /Football/


Presenter 1: How many points have the participants got? Dear experts? You are welcome to answer.

/the results of the game/

Presenter 2: We start the second level which is called    “POLYGLOT”.

You should guess 4 words and write them down in 3 languages: Russian, English and Kazakh.


Presenter 1: You can get 10 points for each right word.  Are you ready to start?


Presenter 2: Mathilda is the main heroine of Roald Dahl’s book. What does she like to read?

/  книги, books, қiтаптар /


Presenter1 : What does the word “astana” mean?

/ столица, capital, астана /.


Presenter 2: What colour is snow?

/ белый, white, ақ /


Presenter 1: What season comes after winter?

/ весна, spring, көктем/

Presenter 2: Dear experts can you count the point


Presenter 1: Let’s begin our 3d level which is called “ THE GREAT 7 ”


Presenter 2: There are 9 squares on which  we have questions in :

History        Geography        The English language      Sport

Kazakh         Literature         Art (Music)


Presenter 1: There are 2  “living questions”. The easy one “costs” 10 points, the more difficult – 20 points, the most difficult is 30 points.

( questions are written on cards)


1   What is “the Infinitive” ?        /the indefinite form of the verb)

( this question may be answered in Russian)

«инфинитив» дегеніміз не? / етістіктің белгісіз формасы/

2    “Living Question”

What style of music do you hear?   / Jazz style /

№ 3    Where did the Olympic Games begin?   / in Greece /

№ 4   Who is the author of the poem “ My Heart’s in the Highlands “   /R.Burns /

5   “Living Question”(musical extract)

Name the author of the composition.    / “Moon Sonata” by Beethoven /

№ 6    What is the name of the first known actor?   / Thespis /

№ 7    Translate the word “love” into the Kazakh language.   / махаббат /

№ 8    When did the Great Fire of London take place?   / in 1666 /

№ 9    Who discovered Australia?   / James Cook /


Presenter 1: Now let us know who leaves us. What are the results?

Presenter 2: The fourth level. It is called “KOKPAR”

Presenter 1: We have got 16 pictures. Every participant choose the picture for his(her) opponent.

Presenter 2: There is one “Bonus” ( + 40 points ) and there is one “Mine” (- 40 points )

Presenter 1: … choose the picture, please.


( Оқушылар бір-бірден суреттерді таңдайды. Ең аз балл жинаған оқушы бірінші таңдайды.)



Picture 1: What is the name of the actor?    / David Duhovny /              20


Picture 2: This is the portrait of a king. What is his name?   / William the          Conqueror /                                                                                 20


Picture 3: What is it?   / Trafalgar square/                                              20


Picture 4: What is the name of the holiday you see?   / St. Patrick’s Day /


What is the name of the clock?   / Big Ben /


Picture 5: Which country does this flag belong to?   / The UK /



Picture 6: What is it?   / St. Paul’s Cathedral /



Picture 7: What is the name of the bridge?    / The Tower Bridge /



Picture 8: It is the Kazakh national instrument(s).  / the kobyz, the dombyra/                                                                                                    20


Picture 9: What is this flower called?   / the red rose /



Picture 10: What is this place called?   / Stonehenge /



Picture 11: What are these men?   / The Guards of the Tower /




Picture 12: What is the name of this London bus?   / Double Decker /



Picture 13: Which portrait is this?   / W/ Shakespeare /                         20


Picture 14: What is the name of the church?  /Westminster Abbey/      20


Presenter 2: The next level is called “ZHORGA” . You should answer 10 questions. Each question is 10 points.


Presenter 1:

1) Which street did Sherlock Holmes live?

/Backer Street 221B/


2) What is the antonym to the word “GOOD”?  / BAD /


3) What is the symbol of Scotland?    /thistle/


4) What is the capital of Northern Ireland ?   / Belfast /


5) What is the name of Dickens?   / Charles /


6) The highest mountain in the British Isles is …

/ Ben Nevis /


7) What is the Russian for “favourite”?   / любимый /


8) When is Christmas celebrated?   / on the 25th of December


9) What day comes after Sunday?   / Monday /


10) Who is the author of “Romeo and Juliet”

/ W. Shakespeare /


Presenter 2: 1) Which street is the residence of the British prime-minister?

/ Downing Street 10 /


2) What is the antonym to the word “BIG”?   /small /


3) What is the symbol of Wales?  “ daffodil “?


4) What is the capital of Scotland?   / Edinburgh  /


5) What is the name of Byron?   / George Gordon /


6) The highest mountain in Wales is…    / Snowdon/


7) What is the Russian for “famous”  /известный /


8) When is Halloween celebrated?    / on the 31st of October /


9)  What day comes after Saturday?   / Sunday /


10) Who is the author of “ Oliver Twist “?   / Charles Dickens /


Presenter 1: Who is the Leader of the XXI century?

Presenter 2: Our competition is over.  Thank you for your attention. Good bye!


Сабақтың қорытынды кезеңі. Рефлексия. Баға қою