Theme: The Ecological association “Tabigat”.

Ақтөбе облысы.Шалқар қаласы. І.Үргенішбаев атындағы орта мектебінің ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі Алдерзина Гүлзат Сұлатнғалиқызы


Form: 10th  “A”

Theme: The Ecological association “Tabigat”.

The aims of the lesson:


-The formation of interest in environmental issues and the ability to speak in English on the theme The Ecological association “Tabigat”.

— Updated vocabulary on the theme The Ecological association “Tabigat”.

— To activate the vocabulary for speech activities — reading, speaking, listening, writing;


— The development of skills monologue speech ;

— The development of logical thinking, memory and attention;

Bringing – up

— Develop a sense of responsibility for being involved in environmental issues;

— To raise interest in environmental issues, respect for the environment;

— educate ability to listen to the interlocutor, the polite response in a variety of communication situations;

The method of the lesson: Answer-question

The type of the lesson: to learn new knowledge

Equipment:themed pictures, text book.

Interdisciplinary communication: biology, geography

The procedure of the lesson

  1. Organizational moment

А) Greeting

  1. B) Check absents
  2. Checking of the home task

Exercise 18 page 66                                                      

III. Brainstorming.

Talk to your partner. What do you think of this emblem?


  1. Introduce the theme and objectives of the lesson

Today we’ll speak about the problem of environmental protection; the theme of our lesson is “The Ecological association “Tabigat”.. The problem of our lesson is the global situation in ecology and what can we do it? The motto of our lesson is “Purity is a base of  health; health is a base of wealth”.

V New lesson:

New words

Association  -қоғам


Achievement- жетістік

Environmental-қоршаған ортаға қатысты


Sewage-тұрып қалған

Thrash-combustion-қоқыс өңдейтін зауыт








Exercise 5 Read the text and try to see the ecological problems

The  Ecological association “Tabigat”.

The Director of the ecological association «Tabigat» answers the questions of our reporter.                        -On the Environmental Protection Day your organization was awarded with International «Global-500», the Prize of the United Nations’ Environmental (UNEF). Could you tell us more about this award? And what achievements have you been awarded for?

-Jimmy Carter, the US ex-President and the Prime-Minister of Norway were awarded with it. So, now the «Tabigat» Ecological Association has joined their company. We try to propose effective ways of solving the problem. Such was the case with the Sor-Bulak — a sewage pond. That was the most difficult ecological problem for Almaty citizens and citizens of the Almaty oblast. We decided not to build a thrash-combustion plant in Almaty, taking into account the ventilation of the city’s atmosphere.

As an alternative, we proposed a method of separate thrash collection and processing wastes into secondary raw materials.

The Tabigat Ecological Association was the first to initiate creation of the Charyn National Park. In addition ,a nursery-garden was created to save Kazakhstan greyhounds-Tazy. We  annually organize actions aimed at planting trees and thousands of Almaty citizens take part in them.

On 5 June 2002 a solemn ceremony of awarding prize winners was held in the city of Ginseng(People’s Republic of China) The city of Ginseng was the winner of the “Ecologically Clean City” nomination. That is why the presentation was held in Ginseng

In 2000 we spoke of a very urgent problem of  Balkhash  lake, as this lake is endangered to have the same tragedy as the Aral Sea does. In 2000 we initiated the International Balkhash Forum ;over 500 people took part in it. Balkhash  problem should be solved at the international level .By the way, when I made a welcoming speech on the occasion of the “Global-500”prize award I tried to attract the Chinese ecologists attention to this problem.

-Who sponsors you?

-For many years I worked on my own. But I am sure that people and nature needed my work. Today I have five fellow-workers. We attract  the society’s attention to the major problems.


Exercise 6 p-82

Match the Kazakh words and phrases with the English

  1. a) қоршаған ортаны қорғау бағдарламасы
    b) мәселелерді шешудің оңтайлы амалы
    c) қалдық су
    d) маңызды
    e) қауіпсіздік
    f) желдетілмейтін
    g) қоқыс өңдейтін зауыт
    h ) қоқысты сұрыптап бөлек жинау
    i) қорық
    j) қауіп-қатер төну
    k ) өз бетімен, өзі

Exercise 7b   page-82

Form adjectives from nouns

VII. Consolidation

Exercise 10   page-83

Interview your classmates

Do you plant trees?

Are you green person?

How do you help the environment?

Where are the polluted areas in Kazakhstan?

What the Government do?

How does the Government help the nature?

What do you know about the geography and nature of Kazakhstan?

What can you say about “Zhasyl el”?

Are you a member of it?

VIII Home work

Exercise 9 page 82  Write out the words from the text  which are connected with “Ecology”