The English party “Friendly family”

The English party “Friendly family”

Form: 4th

The theme: Friendly family

Objectives:  To show parents pupils’ knowledge and skills.

To join the group.

To consolidate the knowledge by the 4th form.


The procedure of the lesson

                                             I Greeting.

— Good afternoon, boys and girls. Good afternoon dear guests. Today we have a party “Friendly family”, and at this party we’ll try to show how we are friendly. For this party I need two groups: the group of pupils and the group of their parents.

                                             II The 1st  task. (about my family)

-Your first task is to write sentences in the right order and to act it.


1 группа

Hello! My name is Polly! I like to play tennis very much. I have got a father. His name is Alex. He can drive a car. I’ve got a mother. Her name is Sandra. She likes to go shopping. I’ve got a brother. His name is Bill. He likes to play the computer. I’ve got a grandfather. His name is Jack. He likes to watch TV. I’ve got a grandmother. Her name is Maggan. She can bake very tasty cookies.

2 группа

Hello! My name is Sally! I like to draw the pictures. I have got a father. His name is Sam. He can sing very well. I’ve got a mother. Her name is Kate. She likes to read very much. I’ve got a sister. Her name is Mary. She likes to talk by phone. I’ve got a grandfather. His name is Nick. He can dance very well. I’ve got a grandmother. Her name is Jane. She can bind warm clothes.

— Here we have some kind of things, if you need you can take them for the acting.

While our commands do the task, we’ll listen to the rhymes.

What are children made of?

What are little boys made of?

What are little boys made of?

Frogs and snails

And puppy-dogs’ tails;

That’s what little boys are made of.

What are little girls made of?

What are little girls made of?

Sugar and spice

And all that’s nice

That’s what little girls are made of.

My house.

Let’s go to my house

Let’s go today

I’ll show you all rooms

Where we work and play.

Here is the kitchen

Where mother cooks for me.

Here is the living room

Where father watches TV.

Here is the dinning room

We eat here every day

And this room is my room

Where I sleep and play.

Little girl.

Little girl, little girl,

Where have you been?

I’ve been to see grandmother

Over the green.

What did she give you?

Milk in a can.

What did you say for it?

Thank you, Grandma.

Good counsel for children.

Go to bed late,

Stay very small.

Go to bed early,

Grow very tall.

One thing at a time

And that done well

Is a very good rule

As many can tell.

Good, better, best;

Never rest

Till “good” be “better”

And “better” “best”.

III The 2nd task (kinds of sports)

-We have land and water kinds of sports. Your task is to choose the 1st group words of land kind

of sports, the 2nd –water kind of sports and matches the pictures.

— Did you read the book “Mary Poppins”? Now let’s watch the acting “Miss Andrew’s gone”.

The acting “Miss Andrew’s gone”.

IV The 3rd task (complete the dialogue)

-The third task is to complete the dialogue and to act it.

1-я группа



-I’m very glad to meet you!

-I’m glad to meet you, too!

-Listen do you know how can I get to “Panarama”, which is opposite “Nurdaulet”?  I want to buy a computer to my child.

-Oh, it isn’t so far. Now we are near the school №25. Go straight on to Abay avenue, to the crossroad. Then turn right, across Abay avenue, and go straight on. It is between the “Anvar” and a café.

2 группа




-Come to me, I’m alone and I’m boring.

-Oh, it’s great idea. I have some films. What kind of film do you like?

-I like adventures.

-I’ll take the adventure film. But how can I get to you?

-Get on the bus № 22 at your bus stop and get off at the “Detskye tovary ”. Cross the street, go straight on to the “Anvar”, turn left, go straight on. My house is next to the new building.

-O.K. I’ll come.

— And we’ll play a little. This game calls “fruits and vegetables”. I’ll tell the names of fruits and vegetables, and you must say “o-o-o”- if you hear vegetables, and “nyam-nyam-nyam”- if you hear fruits: apple, mango, potato, pineapple, tomato, carrot, pear, grapes,cabbage, orange, onion, beet, lemon.

— Guess some riddles.

Sometimes red and sometimes green        I am white

I’m always round and sweet               I am good to link

And you like me to eat.                  What am I?

(apple)                     (milk)

I can tell you all the day            Higher than a house,

Time to sleep and time to play.       Higher than a tree-

(clock)       Oh, what can that be?

(the sky)

The outside is a shell,                It gives us a milk

The inside is meat                     And butter too.

It grows on a tree                     It’s very kind

And is good to eat.                    And likes to “moo”.

(a nut)                 (a cow)

It’s blue by night,                   One face, two hands.

By day it’s white.                    It goes yet stands.

It’s cold and not dry,                           (clock)

It falls from the sky.


My home is in nice cool pond             I have a round face and

Of croaking and jumping                        two large eyes,

I’m very fond.                           I can see in the dark,

(a frog)                     They call me wise.

(an owl)

I love to run and jump and play        I’ve got six legs,           “Baa” is the only word I can say.      my coat is green,

(a sheep)        I’m the very best hopper

you’ve ever seen




-“A voiceless actor”. One of you come to me, take some piece of paper with an action and show it to us. Your task is to guess what the “actor” shows. What is he/she doing? (swim, read, dance, sing, play tennis, go to sleep).


V The 4th task.

-Now your task is to write 3 animals, which your child likes, and 3 animals, which your child doesn’t like. And children write down 3 animals, which you like and 3 animals, which you don’t like.

— And we listen to the song “Presents”.


VI The 5th task. (game “snake”)

— The last task is a game. It calls “snake”. You must tell the word at the last sound of the previous word. If you can’t tell the word you leave the game.


                                                VII The result.

Today you show us how friendly you are. I think that this party hasn’t winners or losers and I want to give all of you the diplomas for the taking part in our party.





Demonstrative lesson

Form: 7A

The theme: Popular arts.

Objectives: To revise the grammar and lexical material of unit 7(Passive voice).

To teach to speak on a theme “Popular arts”.

To develop pupils’ speaking and listening skills.

To enlarge the knowledge about some kinds of art.



The plan of the lesson.

I Greeting.

II Speech drill.

III Check up the home task.

IV Consolidation of the material.

V The result of the lesson.


The procedure of the lesson.


I Greeting.


— Good morning boys and girls. Today at the lesson we’ll know what the best art is for leisure. We’ll speak about popular and demand arts. The arts which helps us to spend a good free time.


II Speech drill.


-What kind of arts do you know? What can you tell me about each of them by 2-3 sentences?

(Ученики записывают на доске название искусства.)

— What is you favorite kind of art?

— How often are the cinema, theatre, and disco gone by you?

— Where will your friend be taken if he comes from foreign country?


— Now let’s know what kind of arts you prefer. I’ll give you cards for it and you’ll ask 3 pupils of your group.

The pupil  The 1st question    The 2nd question     The 3rd  question



  1. What is you favorite kind of art?
  2. How often are the cinema, theatre, and disco gone by you?
  3. Where will your friend be taken if he comes from foreign country?


(Ученик заполняет таблицу.)

— I divide you into 2 groups. You choose the speaker, which gives the result of your work.

P-l: The most popular kind of art is …

The less popular kind of art is …

The least popular kind of art is …


III A volume letter.


— Imagine you are the manager in one company, you receive a volume letter from your boss to make the entertaining program for the evening. What kind of art will be preferred by you?

— O.K. As I say you are the manager in one company, let’s listen to your boss’ massage.

“- Hello! Tomorrow our partners must be met by you at the airport at 9 o’clock. First they will have a rest at the “Actobe” hotel and at 4 o’clock you make an entertaining program for them. Our partners are from the USA, they are nearly 35-40, they are educated, curious, polite and honest. They come to conclude a very important treaty that’s why they won’t be tired at the day after tomorrow.”

  • Who must be met by you at the airport?
  • Why will they come there?
  • How can you characterize them?
  • Where can they be taken for the spending free time?



IV Check up the home task.


  • Now let’s make 3 groups: 1- music, 2- cinema, 3- theatre. Let’s think about why your kind of art is better for the partners. And the opposite team – your task is to disagree with them.


V Making the dialogue.


  • K. You went to the theatre, to the cinema or at the music concert with your partners. How do you think, what was their reaction after it? Imagine the situation “after the performance” and make the dialogue.


VI The result of the lesson.

  • You work very well. (Marks) There have been some mistakes on the lesson, we’ll analyze them at the next lesson.
  • You home task is to write the newspaper’s article with giving advise what the best art is for leisure with partners.