Theme: Music keeps me happy

Theme: Music keeps me happy 

Form: 9 “A”

The aims:

To enrich pupil’s knowledge concerning the theme

To develop pupils abilities in speech.

To bring up the feeling of love to music.


Teaching methods: Question-answer, listening, demonstration, guess the crossword.

The visual aids: computers, screen, presentation.


The procedure of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment:

-Good morning dear students!

-Good morning teacher!

-How are you?

-We are well; we wish the same to you!

Report of the pupil on the duty.


  1. Checking up the homework.


  1. Warming up:

— Look at the screen, there are numbers on it and in each number, there is a question. Your task is to choose one number, which you like and try to answer.




III. Musical question:

-My dears do you like to listen to the music.

If you like, let us listen it and find what kind of music is it?

(The students must listen the styles of music and find what style is it?)

  1. Jazz music
  2. Pop music
  3. Rock
  4. Classical
  5. Rock-n-roll
  6. Blues
  7. R-n-B


  1. Presentation:

-After all this, have you found the name of our new theme?

-Today we will speak about music and the title of our new theme is Music keeps me happy!


-Lets answer:

1) Do you like to listen to the music?

2) What kind of styles of music do you like?

3) Do you ever listen MP3 files from your Internet?

4) Who are your favourite singer and group?

5) What kinds of music do you dislike?

-I see you are fond of music. In addition, I want to listen what teenagers say about music.

Students must say their own ideas about music.

P1, P2, P3.


  1. Writing

Ex 6 p52. Write sentences that show different opinions about music.


Teenagers say:


Their parents say:


  1. Listening

-Listen about museums in Almaty.


P1-The Kasteev State Museum of arts

P2-The state museum of National Musical Instruments




P3 The Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan

VII. Brainstorming

-Lets brush up our knowledge


  1. Choose the word with a general meaning
  2. Square, museum, city, park, garden
  3. Librarian, musician, occupation, actor, dancer

(City, occupation)


  1. Find the names of animals


(rhino, elephant, tiger,snake)


  1. Match the antonyms:

Husband                                  sister

Uncle                                       wife

Brother                                     single

Married                                    aunt


  1. Match the words and the descriptions
  2. Aunt        the son or daughter of an aunt
  3. Niece the wife of an uncle
  4. Cousin a male parent
  5. Father the daughter of a brother or sister


  1. Fill in the appropriate article (a, the, -)
  2. London is the capital of … United Kingdom.
  3. …Ivan Petrov is …   best pupil in the class.
  4. I live in … Green Street.


  1. Make up words:
  2. m, s, u, m, e, u –museum
  3. s, a, m, o, u, f –famous
  4. p, t, a, i, l, c, a —capital


  1. Cross out the odd word (mind reading rules):
  2. sweet, meat, head, cheese, tea
  3. kind, like, type, five, British
  4. cook, tooth, juice, spoon, food


  1. Put in the missing words: hobby, computer, naughty, teacher, intelligent

My mum is a History      …                                            .

Her           …        is painting.

My dad is a               …            programmer.

He is                  …                                                           .

My little sister Ann is funny and sometimes …             .



  1. This is a picture of:
  2. Buckingham Palace
  3. Westminster Abbey
  4. The Tower of London





  1. Guess what it is:

There you can see the Changing of the Guard. It has 600 rooms.



VIII. Homework: Ex7

  1. Marks