Save the nature. (Табиғатты қорғау)

Theme: Unit 5.  Save the nature. (Табиғатты қорғау)


  1. тақырыптық сөздермен жұмыс жасау,
  2. оқушылардың тақырып бойынша сөйлеу қабілетін арттыру,
  3. табиғатты қалай қорғауға тәрбиелеу,

Mat: flp, video, the posters, the grammar cads, the pictures of nature, the map of KZ.

Procedure of the lesson.

  1. Org. mom. T > S1 > S2 greetings, date, attendance.
  2. Checking up the home task. 1st and 2nd Conditional.

Ex. 3. Choose the correct tenses. (Present or will)  page 134.

  • get …, will phone.       b — will need …,       c – will be …, passes.

d – want …, will have .      e – will be …, does not come.

III. Presentation.

Ex 1.  Look at this diagram. T > What do you think of it?

  1. Presentation of new vocabulary.

Ex 2 match the new words to right translation.  S1 > S2 …

petrol station [‘petrəl steiʃən] –жанар май бекеті,

factories [‘fӕktriz]-фабрикалар,         road [‘roud]-жол,

pollute [pə’lu:t]-ластау,                      pollution [pə’lu:ʃn]-ластану,

fur [fə:]- аң терісі,                            skin [skin]-тері,

destroy [di’strɔi] –қирату,                 soil [sɔil] — топырақ.

Ex 3 look at the picture and answer the questions. S1 > S2 …






My dear friends, listen to me attentively!










The government should create [kri’eit] posters[‘pəustəz] to inform people about the danger to the environment.

A lot of animals depend on human help for survival [sə’vaiv(ə)l] in the world.

If we don’t take better care about the world around us,

we’ll regret [ri’gret] it.


Ex 4B make up the sentences:

In the country ….
the rivers

the seas

the air

the animals

the birds

the forests





killed for meat, for skin, for fur

cut down



sold in the markets









  1. Practice.

Ex 7 Look at the map. Find the town of Atyrau and the Caspian Sea

Write them on the map

What can you say about the ecological problems of Atyrau?

Different foreign oil companies and   our national oil companies work in Atyrau region.  Oil brings them a lot of profit [‘prɔfit]-(пайда)  but wide using resources upsets the biological balance, pollutes air, water and soil. National resources are widely used for purposes of home industry. As a result of the wide using of National resources upsets the biological balance, pollutes air, water and soil.

Something couldn’t compensate [‘kɔmpen,seit] the damage on the natural environment.

T >>> Please, divide into 3 groups and discuss ecological problems in Atyrau.

Oil company  <  > The friends of nature  <  > Ecologists

Oil companyThe friends of nature.
ü We give jobs for people.

ü The country becomes rich.

ü We have good experiences.

ü Oil industry is very important for the future of Kazakhstan.

ü We control water pollution and over waste.

ü We try protecting the environment against pollution from industry and other sources.

ü You’ll destroy the land and sea world.

ü You’ll kill fish.

ü Our health is in danger.

ü Air is polluted.

ü Water is polluted.

ü We have ecological problems.

ü Oil leaked into the Caspian Sea.



The friends of nature are quite right. It’s vital to preserve the water, the soil and all species of living beings. No fine could compensate for the damage inflicted on the natural environment. But the companies which damage the Earth should be punished.


National resources are widely used for purposes of home industry. As a result of the wide using of National resources upsets the biological balance, pollutes air, water and soil.


*Make up the sentences. (сабақтың тақырыбымен байланыстырып  шарты

бағыныңқы құрмалас  сөйлем құрастыру)

  1. If they study ecology, they’ll be able to help the environment.
  2. If water and soil are polluted, the plants won’t grow.
  3. If we protect our natural recourses, we’ll be richer.
  4. If oil resources of our country end, we’ll live worse than we live now.
  5. If we don’t take care of the world’s plants, they will disappear.
  6. If we plant trees every year, the air will be fresh.
  7. If we are environment-educated people, we’ll know how to protect our


  1. I’ll know how to protect our environment, if I study ecology.
  2. 9. I’ll go to London Zoo to see its animals, If I to go to London
  3. I’ll pass my exam, if I work hard.
  4. I’ll buy a new car, if I have much money
  5. I’ll read English books, if I learn English better


Children, you can help taking part in street cleaning, collecting paper, metal, glass and plastic bottles.

We should to pay much attention to ecological problems.

We should to protect environment

We should to take care of Earth

The EARTH is our home. Its very important to save it for ourselves.

I’m sure you are real friends our planet.


*Ex. 4. Choose the correct verb forms.

  1. a) If I won the lottery, I would give you half the money. (2)
  2. b) I am free on Sunday, I’ll go to the cinema. (1)
  3. c) I’ll let know if I find out what’s wrong. (1)
  4. d) I know I’ll feel better if I stop smoking. (1)
  5. e) Would it be all right if I invited Fred? (2)


  1. Home task. Ex 14. Talk to your partner:

a-Do you like big cities?      b-What can you say about the ecology of big cities?

c-Are the big cities noisy?     d-What’s Astana like?

VII. Evaluation