Theme: Funny Spot

Атырау облысы Құрманғазы ауданы  Ганюншкин селосындағы Б. Бегалиев атындағы орта мектебінің жоғары санатты ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі Бақтыгереева Жанар Меңдіханқызы, әріптестеріме “Hot spot” бағдарламасы пайдаланып өткізген тәрбие шарамды алдарыңызға ұсып отырмын.

Theme: Funny Spot

Aims: to check and to enrich students’ knowledge of English language; to develop intellect, creative abilities of pupils; to teach them to be able to discuss, to find expression in any situation;

To bring up patriots of their motherland and responsibility;

Visual aids: active board, pictures, cards, letters

Form of the lesson: cognitive

  1. Org. moment: Greeting

Good morning children! Dear pupils!

Are you OK today?

Are you ready for our todays’ work? Do you think you’ll learn something new today?

Ok! First of all you should write your wishes to each other on these petals. Take it please.


Pl 1,Pl 2: I wish you…..etc.


Very good. Look children, our petals have become a “Jolly flower”

Well friends, I wish …..too!

  1. Presentation: Let’s go on our work. Today we’re going to have a little fun. The theme of our lesson is “Funny spot”. And we are going to revise all what we know. OK!

Russia  Astana


Independence day
Day of President
Great Britain
boxing ….
heavy athletics

III. “Funny Spot” “Word mountains” you should to write a word mountain with these words:

  1. colour
  2. cities
  3. holidays
Mother’s day
  1. months
  2. countries
  3. sports











It’s great you are so clever.


T:  What day is it tomorrow?  PL: Day of  President.

T: Yes, you are right. Who is our president? PL2:…. T: Yes,….. etc.

Sports.    (Балалаpға 27 шілдемен 12  тамыз ай аралығында Лондон қаласында не болғандағы және осы олимпиадаға елімізден спорттың қандай түрлерінен қатысқандығы туралы сұрақтар қойылды)

PL1: boxing, cycling, PL2: heavy athletics…..

T: Who are our winners? PL3:They are: S. Spiev, I. Ilyin, A. Ponomoriyev… etc.

Our winners

















PL: «We are proud of our sportsmen »

T: yes, we must be proud of our sportsmen. And now please go to the board. Take the letters please. Listen my questions:

Where are you from in Kazakhstan?     A T Y R A U

What is the capital of   Kazakhstan?      A S T A N A

Our Motherland is ………..  K A Z A K H S T A N, (оқушылар хормен) “I love my Motherland”.

  1. “Rhyming pairs” you should match the words with the pictures.                                                     

2.small                             a                            b                        c




                                         D                             e                            f




  1. “Magnifying- glass ” OK! Look at the screen please.

If you want to see what’s in this house magnifying- glass will help you.


What is this?

Do you want to see what is in this house?

What are these?

What kind of rooms are they? Bedroom, living room,


(оқушылар “Сиқырлы шыны үлкейткіштің”көмегімен

  үй ішіндегі бөлмелердікөріп, атайды)

  1. Are you tired? Let’s have a little rest.

Please watch the videotape.

VII. “Dress the doll”

Tom                                                                       Ann

He is wearing…..                                     she is ….

green T- shirt                               yellow dress

blue jeans                                       red shoes

                                                      a hat

(activebord-пен тақтамен жұмыс)

VIII. Conclusion.  Our lesson has gone to the end. And it’s time to make a conclusion about our work.  I’ m very glad to have time with you. You all were very active. And I want to give you my ……. Take it please.