Theme: Revision of tenses


Grade: 9

Theme: Revision of tenses

The aims of the lesson: teach students  to get more information from the material and to train to differ  from other  tenses,to consolidate the theme with the help of different tasks. develop  memory and attention

Visual aids: textbooks, slides, cards,blackboard.

Map of the lesson:algoritm

Type of the lesson: new

Connection with other subjects: kazakh, life,geography.

The method of the lesson: collective and individual work

The procedure of the lesson:

I.Organization moment.

Greeting.Talk to the student on duty.

  1. Phonetic drill

go →went — gone

sing →sang-  sung

be →was/were- been

buy →bought- bought

do →did- done


III.  I explanation. ____min. (actualization by questions)


The present perfect tense
Have V3
Has V3
I/you/we/they  have done.   (+)
Have  you  done ?
I have  not done . (-)
He/she/it has done.   (+)
He has not done  (-)
Has  he done.   (?)

Already, never, yet, ever, just,ect.

We use the Present Perfect to say that an action happened at an unspecified time  before now.






























I have gone                                  he has ggone

You  have gone                            she has goe

They have gone                          it has gone

We have gone


IGiving  the task    5+30 sek. Trial    Clap your hands  (1)

I _____seen that movie twenty times.(+)

I think I ___( meet) him once before.(+)

He (travel) by train.(+), (?)


II explanation. ____min.

II Giving the task  5+30sek. Consolidation   Clap your hands  (2)    

I (be) to France.(+), James (finish) his homework (-)

The rain ( stop)(?),  (-).

____you   ever (be) to Mexico in the last year? Oliver ( cook) dinner.(+),(-)



III explanation___min

III Giving the task  5+30sek. .  Memory Clap your hands  (3)       


   My car (broke) down three times this week. (+), (?)

I have (ешқашан)(visit) to Almaty(-)

Saule (learn) how to read.(+),(-),(?)



IV.Work with slides. Make up the sentences.

He has written a letter.
They have not stopped.
Have we danced?
She has worked.
Andy has not slept.


  1. V. Work with book.Write in the positive .

they / ask / a question-they have  asked a question

he / speak / English

I / be / in my room

we / not / wash / the car

Annie / not / forget / her homework

VI.slides. Brainsroming


VII.Home work: exercise 2,3

VIII. Evaluation