Theme: Proverbs and riddles

Grade: 8 a,8b and 8v forms

Theme:  Proverbs and  riddles

Aims of the extracurricular work: — to teach them English proverbs and riddles

-to teach to answer the questions correctly

Visual aids: cards,active board, posters

Connection with other subjects: kazakh,literature,biology, sport.

Good day! Dear pupils and teachers! You are welcome to see the game proverbs and  riddles

The pariticipants of the game are the pupils of 8forms.

The game has 3 levels.The 1st level is called “Who can tell me more proverbs?” Let`s applaud the 1st  proverb teller.She is      _________________.Now let`s applaud the 2nd proverb teller,She is ______________.

That`s very good, thank you!Now  let`s applaud to the pupils.

Now dear proverbs teeler, your second task is  to continue the proverbs.I shall begin the proverb and you must finish it.

1.A friend in need( is a friend indeed)

2.A good beginning (makes a good ending)

3.East or West (home is best)

4.Better late(than never)

5.Action speaks louder (than words)

6.So many men (so many minds)

7.Mother thinks of children (children about games)

8.Rome was not  built (in one day)

9.A good wife and health is a   ( man’s best wealth)

10.Healthy, wealthy and  (wise)

Now , the 1st level is ended.We have two proverb tellers. That`s why ___________ and _____________will leave the game.You lose the game. Let`s applaud her and hand in her a present. Our the best tellers will continue the game.

Our 2nd level is called “Question and answer”.I`ll show two papers you must choice one of them.Please, come here. There are two letters.The letter A and B.That`s why you must answer my question by this letter.For example: The name of the fruit ?  Apple. Banana.

Let`s begin.The letter A

1.The name of the fruit  (apple, apricot)

2.The capital of Kazakhstan (Astana)

3.We don`t live without it.  (air)

4.The famous kazakh writer (Abai)

5.The first letter of the alphabet. (A)

6.Who is Jackie Chan? (actor)

7.One of the season (autumn)

8.It is  bad for our helth   (alcohol)

9.What is the kazakh for  “cheap”   (арзан)

10.One of the river of Kazakhstan   (Amudariya)

Let`s begin ,the letter B.

1.The name of the fruit. (banana)

2.The capital of Germany. (Berlin)

3.What is the English for “кітап”  (book)

4.The second letter of the alphabet   (B)

5.What colour of the sky? (blue)

6.Give antonym “interesting”  (boring)

7.What is the Kazakh for “head”  (бас)

8.Pinguin is the bird or animal?  (bird)

9.What kind of  sport do you know?  (box)

10.It is the symbol of Astana  (baiterek)

Thank you very much!

Now, let`s see the result of this level. Today ____ lost the game we say to her many succes for her next game and say good-bye.Let`s applaud her and gave her a present.

Now , let`s begin our 3rd level.The level of riddle guessers. Now, riddles and hold up before answer.

  1. It`s red and sweet, and it`s good to eat. (an apple)
  2. I`m black and red and blue.

I draw a picture for you.   (a pencil)

  1. I can tell you all the day,

Time to sleep and time to play. (the clock)

  1. My nose is long,

My tail is short,

I`m an ______  (an elephant)

  1. There is a season,

When days are cool,

When we eat apple,

And go to school.   (autumn)

6.What teaches without talking?(a book)

7.What kind of clothes do lawyers wear?( Lawsuits)

8.When is a yellow dog most likely to enter a house? (When the door is open.)

OK.You were very active.Thank you very much.We have two the best riddle tellers.Theat`s why ________ and ____________ will leave the game.Let`s applaud them and  give them a present.

OK, thanks. That`s end of our game for today.Thank you very much for your attention and good-bye