Lesson theme: Pollution Step1 The Youth Eco –Parliament

    Lesson theme: Unit 3 Pollution Step1 The Youth Eco –Parliament

 Date: 8. XII

 Grade: 11 B

  Visual aids: Slides about the Aral Sea, cards, the map of Kazakhstan

The aims of the lesson:

  1. Educational: to read and to learn the words and to teach puplis to express their opinion about the Aral Sea an to teach to assess the problems of ecology and think of the ways we should help
  2. Developing: to develop student’s communicative skils and abilities using various kinds of activities and to develop student’s skills and habits in oral speech and to enrich their vocabulary an the theme

III.      Bringing up: To teach pupils to love and to preserve the  environment

  1. The type of the lesson: mixed lesson
  2. The method of teaching: explanation, asking and answering the questions, speaking about the environment, repetition, watching the slides about the Aral Sea Disaster
  3. Subject connection: Kazakh, Rassian, Geography, Biology

VII.     Literature: newspapers, magazines, internet

The procedure of the lesson:

  1. Organizationmoment
  2. a) Greeting: — Good morning, dear students!
  3. b) Duty’s report
  4. Checking up the home task

T: At the previous lesson we have written the text. Now, I want to know how did you   improve your vocabulary of Unit 2. I’ll give you cards, you   have to translate the words into Kazakh.

Card №1                                                                                   Сard №2

Available [ә’veilәbl]-түсінікті                             Terrified [,terә,faid] – қаттыкүйзелген

Relieve [ri’li:v] – жеңілдету                                Petrified [,petrә’faid]- сілейіпқалған

Cure [kjuә] – дәрі, ем, емдеу                            syringe [si’rindʒ] — шприц

Stitch [stitʃ] – тігіс                                                 disinfectant [,diʒin’fekrant] – дезинфекциялықдәрілер

Spread [spread] – жаю, тарату

Inject [in’dʒekt] – дәріжіберу


Сard №3                                                                                         Card № 4

Grip – ұстапалу                                                                          aid – көмек

Spit – түкірік                                                                                loose – бос, босаңкерілген

Complain – арызайту                                                               avoid — қашу

Herbalist – өсімдіктендәріжасаушы                                   reassure — жұбату

Prick – тікенек, дәріегуinjure  -жаралау


Presentation of the new lesson

Unit 3 Pollution

Step 1 The youth Eco – Parliament

T: We are going to speak about problems of the environment and about problems the environment and environmental protection. We will try to understand  why environmental problems worry the people and necessity of fighting the pollution.

But first of all I want to ask you about the meaning of these words:

Pollute – means to make water, air, soil, forests dangerously dirty, impure

Pollution – means the action of polluting

Enviroment – means all the surrounding  conditions, the natural conditions such as air, water and land, in wich man lives.

Now, “What ecological problems are their in our country?” Let’s complete the diagram


Killing birds, animals and Fishes              Fire at extractions facility



Plants die from pollution                                                                                Pollution of water, air, land

Ecologycal            problems



Litter is on the streets                                                                                   The death of Aral Sea


Nuclear testing ground

Nuclear explosion

Cutting and burning the tree

The problems of the rubbish

T: You should study grammar and learn words

To know English better,a lit bit of grammar

The use of the modal verb “should”

Should is used to express what  the best thing  to do.It expresses mild obligation or advice.

The pollution of the environment is the result of the man’ s activities.People do a lot of harm to the environment.Time has come to protect  the environment.The earth is in our hands

What  should you do or shouldn’ t  you do to protect the environment?



Protect woods and forests              walk a lot                              keep the country tidy

     We should



Take care f living things                                                                     Grow flowers plant  trees

help damaged birds animals                                                                     Preserve natural recources

Use less energy,petrol.electricity and




Use cars a ot be litter bugs                     cut down trees around our houses

     We shouldn’t



Pollute water,land ,air                                                                         Use so many chemicals in the land or in

our food

Set fields and forests on fire


The Earth is our home,so we must be everything possible to keep our  land ,air and water clean . And today we are going to speak about the Aral Sea. But it is not unfamiliar theme for you. What can you say about the Aral Sea?

  1. Brainstorming. (answering the questions)

First 3 questions for the first group

And other 3 questions for the second group

You must put questions to each other

  1. Have you ever been to the Aral Sea?
  2. Have you ever heard about the Aral Sea ?
  3. Where is it located?
  4. What sea is it now?
  5. What’s the problem of the Aral region ?
  6. Is the problem of the Aral sea only the problem of Kazakhstan?
  7. Presentation of the new words:

Desert-шөлдада, шөл

Reduction-азаю, қысқару


Shrinkage-құрғау, тартылу

Disaster-апат, бақытсыздық



Pour-құю, құйылу

Damage-шығын, зақым келтіру

Contain-бір нәрсенің ішінде болу


  1. Pronunciation of the words

VII. Watching the slides about the Aral Sea

VIII. Reading the text and translating it

  1. Finding the new words from the text
  2. Answering the questions

I group

  1. Was the Aral sea the fourth largest lake in the world?
  2. How many species of fish were in the Aral Sea?
  3. Why did the fisherman lose their jobs?

II group

1.Is the dying Aral sea one of the world’s environmental disasters?

  1. What have been damaged?
  2. What is the fertile soil covered by?
  3. Doing of exercise 9
  4. A paragraph which describes the background of the Aral sea
  5. …………which describes the causes of the Aral sea to the environment

XII .Which title would you like to choose for this test?

  1. Ecological problems of Kazakhstan
  2. The Aral Sea Disaster
  3. Tackling the Aral Sea Disaster

XIII. Reading comprehension. Talking to a partner (class)

  1. Choosing the right answer

1.The Aral Sea was

  1. the first largest
  2. the fourth lake in the world
  3. the fifth lake in the world

2.The Aral Sea was the home to 24 species of

  1. fish
  2. birds
  3. reptiles

3.The Aral Sea is one of the of  disasters of

  1. the world
  2. Kyzylorda region
  3. Kazakhstan
  4. The air pollution and the water pollution cause serious
  5. trade problems
  6. health problems
  7. travelling problems
  8. Assessment of the pupils

XVI. Giving the homework: exercise 6

                                 To learn by heart the new words

                                 To retell the text “The Aral Sea Disaster”