Theme: Holidays.


Theme: Holidays.

Aim: to introduce and consolidate the words on the theme holidays and grammar theme:  « The original numbers»




1)to achieve mastering of new words,

2)to summarize knowledge of grammar,to develop skills in speaking

3)to bring up positive interest,tolerance, moral qualities,positive   motivations to learning English.


Type of the lesson:the lesson of mastering of the new knowledge.


Pupil’s activities:individual work,group work,frontal work.

Materias:cards,presentation,student’s book,work book.



I.Organization moment:

Good afternoon  boys and girls. I am glad to see you .Sit down , please. Today we have an unusual lesson. Let’s begin our lesson. The theme of our lesson is Hollidays.We’ll speak about holidays ,revise sounds, original numbers and do some exercises.

-Who is on duty today?

-Is anybody absent today?

-What day of the week is it today?

-What season is it now?

  1. Phonetic drill.

The next point of our lesson is phonetic drill. Let’s revise the sounds. What sound is this? Let’s pronounce these sounds in chorus. Look at the active board.

Remember, remember

The fifth of  November

Gunpowder, treason and plot

For I see no reason

Why gunpowder treason

Should ever be forgot.

Listen to me. In  which words from this  poem we can find  these sounds? Repeat after me in chorus.Let’s translate it. Who wants to read this poem?

III. New words.

The next step of our lesson . look at the active board. Do you see the guy here?This is a guy . What is it? Listen to me and repeat after me in chorus. Open your dictionaries ,write down. Read please.

  1. Text.

The next step of our lesson . Let’s read  and translate the text. Open your books at page 110. Listen to me. Start ,please.

  1. Checking home task.

It ‘s time to check up your home task. Your home task was learn by heart topics and dialogues about holidays in Great Britain.Lets’s check up.Who wants to start? Come here.

Before we continue , let’s do some exercises. Stand up ,please. Look at me and  repeat  after me.

  1. Physical minute.

Hands up,hands down

Hands on your hips,sit down

Hands up,to the side

Turn left,turn right

One ,two,three,stop.

Sit down.

Now let’s continue our lesson.

VII.Class exercises.

The next step of our lesson .Let’s do some grammar  and lexical exercises.

  • Let’s see Ex 6p 111. Are these sentences true or false.

Ex 6 True(T) or false (F).

  1. Bonfire Night is on the fifth of November(T)
  2. It’s a boring night for English Children(F)
  3. Some days before Born fire Night they make the guy(T)
  4. They make him of sticks and straw(T)
  5. They put an old hat on his head and a coat(F)
  6. They put an old hat on his head and old gloves on the stick hand(T)
  7. They put the guy on the bonfire and then light it(T)



2).Children try to answer my questions:

Look at the active board

Do you  see children?

Do you see a guy here?

What does the guy have on his head?

What is the guy made of?

How do children usually dress the guy”

Do  we celebrate Bonfire in our country?


3).The next task . Put these words into the correct order and write the sentences.


a)very,night,It,a is,interesting,  children,for English(It is a very interesting night for English children).

  1. B) days,make,They,guy,some,the,before,Night Bornfire.(They make the guy some days before Bornfire Night.)

c)They,the,guy,put,bornfire,on,light,and,then,it.( They put the guy on the bornfire and then light it).

  1. The next task. Let’s review the ordinal numbers.

Write these dates in letters.

15 сентября,2 августа,23 мая,19 ноября,31 июля,13февраля,22,16 октября.


The Fifteenth of September, the twentieth of April, the second of August,the twenty third of May, the nineteenth of  November, the the thirty first of July, the thirteen of February,The twenty second of June, the sixteenth of October.


5.Let’s review the words from the last lesson.Translate these sentences from Russian  into English.

  1. a) На праздники люди не работают.(People don’t work on holidays).

b)Ко мне на день рождения пришло много гостей.(Many guests comes to my birthday)

  1. c) Дети кладут чулки возле кровати на Рождество. (Children put their stockings near their beds).

D)14 февраля люди отмечают праздник День Святого Валентина.( People celebrate St’Valentine Day on the 14 th of February.)

E)Люди обычно не подписывают свои открытки .(People usually don’t’t sign their cards).


VIII. Home task.

  1. Marks for the lesson. Evaluation.