Theme : Invitation

Theme : Invitation


  1. Educational: to continue the development of speaking and reading skills and understanding English speech.
  2. Practical: to control speaking skills of the theme:”Invitation”
  3. Developing: to continue the development of logic thinking, memory, independence, to improve the experience of speaking skills, to develop the intellect and cognitive capacities.


The methods of teaching:


  1. Reproductive



Types of teaching:

1.Work at lexics

2.Work at the dialogues

3.Work at grammar

4.Work at pronunciation

  1. Answer- question work


Equipment:     invitation, interactive

Blackboard, questionnaire.


Plan of the lesson:


І. Organization moment.

Good morning children!

Good morning teacher!

Dear children! I am glad to see you! Boys and girls, we have got many guests today. I think that you are glad to have guests.


—    OK,Who is on duty today?

—    I am on duty today.

—    Who is absent?

—    All are present.

  • What date is it today?
  • Today is the fourth of February.
  • What season is it now?
  • It is winter now.
  • What month is it now?
  • What day is it today?
  • It is Friday.
  • What is the weather like today?
  • It is sunny and foggy.
  • What was it yesterday?
  • It was foggy and rainy.

—  OK, Zakida tell me,

—  When is your birthday?

—  It is winter ( summer,spring,autumn)

—  In which month is it?

—  It is on the fifth of January.

OK,our class divided into 3 groups,they are A,B,C.


II.The first task is:

Teacher: I will give you cards and you should answer them.

Group A:

Do you invite your friend to your birthday? Yes/No

Group B:

Do you send a postcard to your friend? Yes/No

Group C:

Do you send an invitation to your friend? Yes/No


III.The second task is:


Teacher:   Look at the blackboard here you can see the invitation. You must read

                  the invitation and write the invitation your friend now.



I invite you to a


At 10 Abai Street.

On Friday

15 March

At 5 o’ clock.



  1. The third task is:

New words, repeat after me:

Boring —  көңілсіз

Disgusting — жағымсыз

Delicious — өте дәмді


  1. The fourth task is:

Work at dialogue.

Group A: read the dialogue.

Group B: translate the dialogue.

Group C: are the sentences true (T) or false (F)? Correct false sentences.





  1. Dmitry was at Jorn’ s party yesterday.
  2. The party was boring.
  3. The food was delicious.
  4. There were many people.
  5. Carol was at Jorn’s Party too.
  6. The food was disgusting.
  7. Carol enjoyed the Party.


  1. Conclusion.

The fifth task is: Interview.

Group A:

  1. Were you at a Party yesterday?
  2. Was it good?
  3. Were there many people?


Group B:

  1. Yes, I was at Asylan’s party yesterday.
  2. No, It was boring.
  3. Yes, there were.


Group C:Journalist.

Yesterday Abai was at the party.

It was boring.

The food was disgusting.

There were a lot of people.

He wasn’t enjoy the party.


YII. Homework. Ex:8.   My interview.


YIII. Marks for pupils