The theme of the lesson: Carol’s kitchen

Date: 12.02.2010

Grade: 5A

The theme of the lesson: Carol’s kitchen

The objectives of the lesson:

  1. To teach pupils to understand the text «Carol’s kitchen» and to use the new words about the kitchen in the statements and to ask general questions
  2. To educate pupils to be clean and to be tidy
  3. To develop pupil’s skills and habits in reading the text, in writing the different level tasks, to solve the hidden words

Materials for the lesson: cards, pictures, active board

V/l: Searching

T/l: Introduction


The procedure of the lesson

  1. The organization moment of the lesson:
  2. Greetings
  3. A short talk with a pupil on duty

II.Checking the home task:                        III. The presentation of the new theme:




-Birds live in nests.

-Ants live in ant-hills.

-Dogs live in kennels.

-Wolves live in lies.

Where do people live?

People live in the house.









  1. Conclusion: Message


  1. Evaluating