Theme: Weather, Adjectives

Date: 18.01.2012

Class: 6 “Ә”

Theme:  Weather, Adjectives

Aims:  Educational:   to introduce  new theme, to check up knowledge about last

theme, to practice oral speech.

Developing:  to enrich the vocabulary, to develop speaking and writing

skills, to use visual aids

Brining-up: to enrich pupils outlooks about the world, to support as interest

to the English lesson



  1. Greeting, Org moment
  2. Warm up
  3. Checking of home task
  4. Presentation of new words
  5. Work with text and fix it
  6. Dialogue
  7. Logic task
  8. Play game using the grammar adjectives
  9. Fixing of knowledge:  Graphic dictation and short test
  10. Instruction for preparation of  home work
  11. Summary of lesson
#Stage of activitytimenotes
1Good morning our teacher. We are glad to see you.

I am glad to see you too. Sit down please. How are you?


2Today we are going on talking about the weather. You’ll learn some sayings about weather. Then you will listen to people talking about good and bad weather. Near the end of the lesson perhaps we’ll do some translating.


3What was your home task? Very good design works about weather!5minInteractive board
4Sunny-          Windy-     Rainy-

Snowy-          Hot-          Foggy-

5The next our task was work with text

What was the..Extra information weather like?

1.      There was heavy snow and windy weather in Chicago on Monday, and there was also heavy rain on the west of the United States  — practically in and around the city of  San Francisco.


2.      It wasn’t  all good news in Europe, however. There was heavy rainy in the Irkutsk. With 475 mm of rain falling in just 5 days. The temperatures was very snowy and cold.


3.      In Almaty there was very hot. And  tomorrow weather will be very sunny7. I like Almaty city.










5minCard, interactive board
6Dialogue: using the new word! And weather6mincopybook
7Logic task:


1.      Eturaepmrse    —  temperatures

2.      Echnaaglbe      — changeable

3.       destolc             — coldest


“It is cold in the winter” осы сөйлемді сиқырлы таблица арқылы табу керек.


8Using the MeritsII to play game.

The electronic textbook

6minInteractive board
9Fixing the knowledge

Graphic quiz.

Жай    .    
Салыстырмалы  .. .. 
Күшейтпелі...    . .


1.      What is the name of the highest mountain  in Asia?

2.      Dorothy is the youngest in your family.

3.      I met my the best friend yesterday.

4.      My book is better than yours.

5.      There are more books on the shelf.

6.      A ford is a good car.?

7.      Supermarket are bigger than corner stores.

8.      That is the best film  I have seen.

9.      The damage to the car could be worse than we expect.

10.  Your work is the worst in class.


Short test.

1.      My car is…..than of my friend’s.

a.       Faster    b. Fastest    c. the fastest

2.      She is….person in class.

a.  The most intelligent   b. more intelligent с. Intelligent

3.      My books is….than yours.

a.       Good   b. best    c. better

4.      Supermarkets are….than corner stores.

a.       biggest  b. bigger c. big

5.      Your work is…in class.

a.worst  b.worse  c.the worst

10Your home task: Ex.6 p.93 ( from the book)

Individual work: desing work

To write composition

1 minInteractive board
11 Summary of the lesson! What we are do of our lesson! Your mark for today.2min