My monster

Form: 6

Theme: L. 3. Sketch time.  My monster.

Aims: to present new vocabulary, to practice and repeat grammar, to develop skills of writing, oral speech, reading

Equipment: Ss’ books, dictionaries, cassette recorder, interactive board


Lesson procedure

  1. Org. moment: Good afternoon, students.

Good afternoon, teacher

How are you?

We’re fine, thank you.

I’m glad to see you.

We’re glad to see you, too.

  1. Checking up the h/w.
  2. 5, 6, 7 p. 25 WB
  3. Warm up.

Ss work in pairs.

They remember parts of the body and look at the picture describe it.(слайд 2)

The teacher gives them lists of paper, where they should write the translations of the Russian words.

Then that group who makes the first read their answers.

  1. Presentation of new material.

1.Ex. 1 p. 30 SB (слайды 3-7)

Say listen. Play the CD. Stop at the end of each section. Ask: Do you understand all words?

Encourage Ss to read out any words they don’t understand.

Explain: homework



Say: Listen again. Play the CD again.

  1. Ss read the sentences. Make sure the class remember all the words for parts of the body by calling out a body part and getting them to point to themselves.

Demonstrate how to do the activity by reading out the first sentence and getting a volunteer to provide the answers.

  1. Sound natural. (слайд 8)

Read out the instructions. Practise saying the phrases aloud as a class.

  1. Practice.

1.Ask Ss to say the poem “Up’n  down” and remember the actions.

Up’n down, up’n down.

Which is the way to London town?

Where? Where?

Up in the air?

Close your eyes —

And you are there!

  1. Ss complete the sentences to the dialogue. (слайд 9)
  2. Ss work in pairs. (слайд 10)

Give them posters and pencils and they draw a monster and then give the description of it.

Each member of the group should say one sentence.

  1. Ss describe teacher’s monster with the words: (слайд 11)

Nose   short   leg   long two   small

  1. Conclusion.
  2. The of the lesson.
  3. H/w: ex. 2 p. 26 WB (слайд 12)