Theme: Living plants Тірі өсімдіктер

Theme: Living plants Тірі өсімдіктер

Aims:  1. to speak about living plants;

  1. recycling the Past Perfect tense
  2. to understand and love the nature;

Vis. Aims: an interactive board, a diagram, the pictures of plants and flowers.


  1. mom. talking with duties. T > P1 > P2 …
  2. Warm up:

I like flowers that are bright

I like flowers that are white

I like flowers with a nice smell

That blossom [‘blosәm] in gardens so well

  • Checking of home task. Ex. 8 Write about your interview.

Ex. 9. Match the translation with the English words.

a)3,  b)1,  c)4,  d)2, e)5,  f)6,  g)7

Ex. 10 Talk to your partner first then have it as a class.    S1 < > S2 ….

* Do you have plants at home?  * Do you have indoor plants?

* Do you know that green leaves are very beneficial to your health?

* Do you know that living plants can actually improve the air we breathe?


Ex. 11 Read the text below and find the answers to the questions of ex. 10.

Ex. 12. Are the sentences true or false? Correct them.      a) T, b) T, c) T, d) T

  1. Practice Ex. 13 write the words vocabulary and pronunciation & practice.
  2. a) [‘benefit] – benefit, b) [bεni’fi∫əl]-beneficial, c) [pə’lu:tənt]-pollutant,                                           d) [indo:]-indoor,            e) [im’pru:v]-improve,            f) [‘filtə] – filter,                                          g) [‘ælədзi]-allergy,      h) [pri’vent] –prevent,             i) [bri:ð]-breath,                                                             j) [‘ækt∫uəli]-actually


Ex. 14 Read the text (ex.11) and answer the questions of ex. 10.

Ex. 15 Discuss the following as a class.

*Are indoor plants beneficial to our health?  *Why?  *What is the living world?


  1. Home task: Ex.17.  Read Aigerim’s story and write a story about flowers at your school


Ex. 7. Page 204. Past Perfect (had + V3).    Make sentences using the words below about what had happened.

VII. Evaluation