Types of tourism in Kazakhstan.

Types of tourism in Kazakhstan.

There are 16 specially protected natural zones and over 3000 lakes on the territory of the region. As on object of display of an animals inhabitancy of the forest-steppe Sogrovsky zone, Mamljutsky reserves an red pine forest reserve can be presented for tourists. Elks, roes, wild boars, raccoon dogs, foxes, badgers, hares, squirrels are found there in a considerable quantity. Swans and pelicans nets there during the summer period. Rare orchid species grow in this area.

The local tourist communities are created in Ajyrtausky reserve . The population of the above-named villages is involved in tourist business sphere, residing, food and excursion service are rendered by them.


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Inhabitancy-өмір сүретін орын

Reserves- қорық