Our first steps in English. “The magic world of English language”.

The theme: Our first steps in English. “The magic world of English language”.

The objectives: to develop pupils’ abilities of reading, writing and thinking;

to show their abilities in grammar;

to bring up their interests through different tasks.

Intersubjective link: Maths, Music, Art, Kazakh.

Visual aids: Interactive board, cards with test and song.


The outline:

  1. Organization moment: greeting, short conversation with pupils. T- Cl


  1. Acquaintance with the plan. The theme “The world of English language”.


III. The world of numerals and sums.

  1. a) Revision of numerals from 1 till 20. P1-P2— P3-Etc.
  2. b) Poem : One pencil, two pencils

Three pencils, four

Five pencils, six pencils

Seven pencils, more.   T- Cl

  1. c) Drag the numbers to the words. / Disk №3 a/
  2. d) Game “Help me to do sums”
  3. e) Song “One, two, three” (Disk)


  1. The world of time.
  2. a) Guess the crossword “Time”
  3. b) The picture of clock. Revision of words-past, to, a quarter,half past. T- Cl
  4. c) Reading of Exercise1 page 61. “Tick – Tock” P1-P2— P3-Etc.
  5. d) Disk 12-A.
  6. e) What’s the time,please? (Slide)


  1. The world of structures – There is, There are –
  2. a) There is – used in singular form.

There are  – used in plural form.

E.g.There is a ball in the box. There are balls in the box.

b)Fill in the gaps with – is, are – ( Slide)

— There _____a cat under the table.

— There _____boys and girls in the bus.

— There _____cows in the barn.

— There _____a house on the hill.

— There _____a dog next to the man.

  1. c) Disk 11-A.
  2. d) Read, translate and tick. Exercise 1 page 64. (Slide) P1-P2— P3-Etc.


  1. The world of – Have, Has –
  2. a) I – have ,She – has, He – has.

E.g. I have a toy bus. She has an umbrella. He has a toy car. (Slide)

  1. b) Translate the following statements into English:

— Менің ақ мысығым бар.

— Оның жасыл батпырауығы бар.

— Оның алтын балығы бар.  P1-P2— P3-Etc.

  1. c) Disk 16-A, 7-A.
  2. d) Song “ I have, I have a rabbit” ( This song is sung due to the melody of Russian children’s song “В траве сидел кузнечик”). (Slide)

I have, I have a rabbit

I have, I have a rabbit

I have, I have a rabbit

A rabbit and a frog.

Have you a rabbit , have you a rabbit?

Yes, I have a rabbit.

Have you a frog, have you a frog?

Yes, of course, I have.(Refrain)

  1. e) Reading of the text “ Grandma”. (Slide) P1-P2— P3-Etc.


VII. The world of  knowledge.

  1. a) Test- 5 questions. ( Slide)


1) There _____ a green apple on the table.

  1. a) is b) are c) am

2) There  _____ goats under  the tree.

  1. a) is b) are          c) am

3) I _____ a red ball.

  1. a) have b) has  c) am

4) She _____ a brown doll.

  1. a) have b) am   c) has

5) It’s  half  past  six.

  1. a) 6.00 b) 6.30 c) 6.15
  2. b) Answers and marks. 1-A, 2-B, 3-A,4-C, 5-B. (Slide)
  3. c) Consolidation of the lesson. Home task: Good reading of Exercise 1 page 70.

VIII. The end of the lesson