The theme of the lesson: London

The theme of the lesson:  London

The aims of the lesson:

  1. Knowledge aim: a)to study the capital of the UK.

b)It’s political, economic and  culture conditions,

  1. c) to enrich  pupils
  2. Development aim:  to  develop pupils speaking  habits and self  working skills


III. Upbringing aim: to educate pupils to love the beauty of   London and be

proud  of  beauty of their native town  and  care  for  their



The type of the lesson : Integrated  lesson



The methods of teaching:  to work with group,  independet  work,

Question- answer, short dialogue.

Connection of the subjects:  English, Kazakh, Russian,

History, Geography, Music.


Visual  aids:  slides about of London, proverbs,

song ” London  bridge” ,crossword, test


Procedure of the lesson:


I.Organization  moment:


  • Greeting


  • Checking up absents.


Theacher:  I am  very  glad to see you at our lesson, because we have an usual lesson.We have excursion lesson. I think you`ll engoy it. Before  studing the new theme let`s check up the home task.


II . Checking up home task: ex.2 page 61.


Read   and translate text ` Dream vacation`

— What  kind   of country do you want to be?

— Let’s  say about them.

— Do you like England ?

— I think we like England  and it`s capital. New theme  about  London.




— Let’s remember the words of an English poet and writer W. Shakespeare: “I hope to see London before I die”.

Shakespeare’s dream  was see London. Did he see London?Yes.

What kind of city is London that   W  Shakespeare’s  dream of?

Your home task  was  to make own  Refer at  about London.

Refer at  was prepaid Raxatova  Gulsamal




III. Answer the question below      

  1. What can you say about  London  as the capital of Great Britain?
  2. What is meant by Greater London?
  3. What parts is London  traditionally  divided into?






The City

The Est. End

The   West End           Westminster


  1. London sights.

Kamazhai: now introduce you our itinerary

  1. London Bridge
  2. Buckingham Palace
  3. Paul’s Cathedral
  4. The Houses of Parliament and British government. Big Ben

5.Shoping and theatre

London bridge it’s two  thousand years old the first bridge was wooden. The people built a bridge of stone. There were houses and shops on it. In 1973 new London Bridge was opened look at the picture










 Pupil — 2

Nursaule:       I `d like to see famous Buckingham palace. Buckingham  Palace is in the very  centre of London. The Palace is one of the four  homes of the  Royal Family. The Royal   Family also have another home just outside London, at  Windsor Castle The palace Where the Queen lives. When the flag is  flying  on the top she is at  home. They are changing the Gard.  It happens  every day at 11.30 a.m.






Pupil -3

Nazgen: I  introduce  you  St.Paul Cathedral. It`s famous Church St. Paul`s  Cathedral is the greatest work of the  architect Sir. Christofer Wren.






Pupil- 4


The Houses of Parliament is the seat of the  British government.

Big Ben is one  of the  most  famous  clocks in the world.

The Tower    of London. It was a forests, a  roial palace and later a person. It`s a museaum now. Therea lot of interesting collections  in  the Tower of London.






Pupil -5



Go to Oxford Street, where there are  several large departement stores. If you like small  shops, there is an  attractive  shoping center in the  Covent Garden. London  has over 100 street markets. There are many theatres: try and get tickets to the National theatre a moden building containing three theatres on the Southen bank of the Thames.








  V.Transports. I’d Like to introduice you with london`s buses.








Double-decker         Single-decker      Coach


  1. Guess crossword .
  1. Tram



4 sailing







Now look at the exersise 66. Read the text Transport in London.

Ex 2 page 67 Make sentences a shown in the example.

The bus ————— is a driver.

The man—————— is a conducter.

The man—————— is an inspector.


  1. Work with cards.

                         Card 1

1 Where is London situated?

2.How many people live in London?

3 What can you say about the City?


Card 2

1 How many parts does the UK consist of?

2 What`s the offical language of  Scotland?

3.How many parks in London/

 VII. “London. Sightseeing ”




  1. You can see the coloum with a statue of Nelson in. …..
  2. a) Piccadilly Circus b) Hyd Park

2… a very democratic Park.

  1. a) Hyd Park b) Regent`s Park c) St. James` Park

3 London Zoo is in……

  1. a) a) Hyd Park b) Regent`s Park c) St. James` Park

4 They Change the Guard every day at….

  1. 9:30 am b) 11:30 fm  c) 12 o`clock.

5  Piccadilly Circuss is the meeting point of….

  1. a) 5 streets b) 7streets c) 6streets.

6 Another famous sight outside the Tower of London is the….

7 London home of the Queen is…..

  1. a) Buckigham Palace b) Westminister Abbey c) Convent Garden.

8 The seat of the British government is…..

  1. a) The House of Parliament b) Buckigham Palace c) Piccadilly Circuss


Theacher: Check the task in pairs with key:

1-c,2-a, 3-a, 4-b, 5-c, 6-b, 7-a, 8-a.

IIV. Conclusion

Our England is a garden,

And such garden is not made

By singing “oh, how beautiful”

And sitting in the shade.

  1. Kipling.

These are lines from a poem of the famous English poet and Writer R. Kipling.You see that English people love  their  country and they  are proud of it`s beauty, of  their history and literature, culture  and science.

They also  proud cities and towns enjoy the beauty of their capital.

Do you  like your city as Kipling does?

What kind of poems do you know about our country?

You can say in your native language?


Шықшы тауға,қарашы кең далаға,

Мәз боласың, ұқсайсың  жас балаға,

                                    О, шетімен бұл шетіне жүгірсең

Шаршайсың ба, құмарың бір қанама?




Let’s remember  proverbs about native country?( English, Kazakh, Russian,)

1.There is no  place Like home

Өз үйім өлең төсегім.

Гостях хорошо, дома лучше

  1. East or west home is best .

Айқай менің өз үйім, кең сарайдай  боз үйім.




VIII. Home work: Ex1. page66. Read the text and say about London`s buses