The theme: Music. (7th grade)

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The theme: Music. (7th grade)

  1. Educational:

Speaking about music and to discuss the arts in monologues and dialogues.

  1. Developing:

       To develop students logical thinking, creative abilities and vocabulary.

  1. Bringing up:

To love of nature, arts and music.

Visual aids: Active board.

The type of the lesson: Combinative.

The procedure of the lesson:

Teacher: — Good morning boys and girls and dear our guests. I’m glad to see you here today. You are welcome! Today we have a demonstrative lesson. And so be more active. Listen to the music.

  • Do you know who the singer is?
  • Who wrote the words of this piece of poetry to music?
  • So, today we shall speak about music. The theme of lesson is Music.
  • Teacher: At our lesson today we are going to speak about music, because people can’t live without music. Can you think of a day without music? “Oh, that’s not possible” you may say. Yes, you are right. We can hear music everywhere: in the streets, in the shops, in the parks, in the cars, at the disco, on TV, in your mobile phone, over the radio even in the forest. But in the forest, of course, it is better to listen to birds singing and other natural sounds like the wind in the trees. (әр түрлі нәрселердің дыбысын тыңдау)

So, music helps us to live and I am sure that many, many years ago people listened to music too. Music is a part of our lives. In their free time people often listen to music and sing. I listen to music in the evening after my working day. I listen to music over the radio, retro FM and my favorite groups are Modern Talking, DosMukhasan, my favorite singer is Yuri Antonov. And what about you?

Teacher: — Open your exercise book write down the date and the theme. Draw a table into three colomn in your note book. In the first column you should write what do you know about music? In the second colomn you may write your questions, what you want to know. And in the third colomn at the end of the lesson you must write what information you have known today.

Music I want to knowI knew

        The  1st colomn.

  • Now, what is music, what can you say about music?


Students: So, people cannot live without music. They listen to music, they dance to music, and they learn to play musical instruments.

Students: Music in lives of different people is different some compose music, others play music and others only listen to music. A lot of people who cannot play and musical instruments love to listen to music either at home or at a concert.

Students: Some young people especially teenagers do not think they can listen to classical music and enjoy it. “Symphonies are very difficult to understand” they say. This idea is wrong. In fact classical music is easy to understand, if you listen it often enough.

So, let’s complete the 2nd colomn. What do you want to know about music?

Students: — I want to know about composers.

  • I want to know about musical instruments.
  • I want to know about singers, musicians.
  • I want to know about singer’s life.
  • I want to know the history of sounds.

Let’s make up our lesson’s plan.

The plan of the lesson.

  1. About music.
  2. Musical instruments.
  3. Singers, musicians, groups.
  4. Sing a song.
  5. Home task.
  6. About music.
  • So, what kind of music do you know? Let’s write down on the board, please.

pop                                                                                                                               national




  • What do you think about these kinds of music? And what music do you like?

Student: Pop music.

For me, pop is a kind of global language. A really unusual, exciting one too. It cuts across all the barriers and brings people together. I think that’s why everyone likes it so much. It’s a way of sharing all our hopes and fears.

  • And what can you say about classical music? I think many people prefer classical music, isn’t it?

 Student: Classical music.

I don’t listen to much rock and pop there days. I prefer classical music. Why? Well… pop’s lost its direction, I think. Everything controlled by machines and technology. 10 or 20 years ago there were real artists writing real songs – now all you get is synthesizers and dance music.

  • Jazz, who was invented this kind of music?
  • Student: Jazz.

Music is loved by many people. American music is jazz. Today jazz bands and groups, both instrumental and vocal are popular all over America and in most parts of the world. The origin of jazz is as interesting itself. Jazz was invented by Afro- Americans.

Quotation.                     «If music be the food of love, play on. »

William Shakespeare

                                     «Music is the universal language of the world»

  1. Longfellow

WRITING. Complete the diagram with the words. Complete these words into three parts. Cinema, Entertainment and music.

Words: classical, horror films, jazz, heavy metal, western, talk- show, soap operas, comedies, science fiction, thrillers,

  • The next you want to know about the history of sound records. And now I’ll give you a sheet of paper you may read the text about the history of sounds. Read the text yourselves, please. And answer my questions.

AUDING. Read the text. “The history of sound records”.

  • An American called Thomas Alva Edison was the first man to record sound. In 1878, he invented a machine called a photograph. The photograph was a bit like a record player, but it used metal cylinders instead of discs. Flat discs (records) appeared ten years later. Tape records first appeared in 1930, but they were large and expensive. Then, in 1963, the Philips Company developed the first cassette. Cassettes are still very popular all over the world. But when you go into a music shop today, you don’t just see records and cassettes. There are CD- s too, and DAT (digital audio tape) cassettes, and even video discs. The choice is amazing!
  1. Who was the first man to record sound? (Thomas Alva Edison).
  2. When did he invent a machine called a photograph? (In 1878).
  3. What did he use of discs? (Metal cylinders).
  4. When did the flat discs appear? (Ten years later).
  5. What was appeared in 1930?
  6. When and where did the first cassette develop? (In 1963 the Philips Company).
  7. What kind of records have we nowadays? (There are CD-s, digital audio tape, cassettes and video discs).

— Have you got any discs or cassettes at home?

— Do you collect discs?

(Оқушылар өздерінің алып келген кассетасы мен дисктерімен бөліседі. Қандай әншілердің дискілері барын айту).

  1. Musical instruments.

Teacher: People cannot live without music. They listen to music, they dance to music, and they learn to play musical instruments. So, look at the board and    Match the pictures with the names of the musical instruments.

Piano -4.          Guitar – 6.           Cello – 11.             Clarinet – 3.

Violin – 7.        Banjo – 2.           Harp- 8.                 Saxophone – 10.

Trumpet- 1.             Accordion – 5.           Drum – 9.

READING.   It’s interesting! Do you know about the musical instruments history?

  1. The guitar was originally a Spanish instrument, but the word “guitar

comes from the Arabic word “qitor”.

  1. This important jazz instrument is named after Belgian inventor, Adolphe Sax (1814-1894).
  2. Piano (pianoforte). The word originated in the eighteenth century. It was the name of a new kind if Italian harpsichord.
  • Do you know out national musical instruments?
  • Dombyra is a Kazakh national instrument. Kobyz.

Talk to your partner about music. To make up the dialogue.

Teacher: Now students who made music? Composer.

  • Now, look at these composers. Do you know them? Who are they?
  • Birzhan sal, Dinah, Kurmangazy, Mozart, Bakh, Beethoven. Do you know Kazakh composers?

Teacher: — Open your books on page 160. Exercise 4. Read the note and paragraph about Mozart. Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus was born in Austria in 1756. He learned to play the violin and organ at a very early age. He began composing at the age of five and had written a symphony by the time he was thirteen. All in he wrote forty- one symphonies. He died in 1791 at the age of thirty – five.

Look at the board you can see a portrait. Who is he? And your task is to make up text using these words.


And who is the most famous modern composer from our country?

Akhmet Zhubanov, Kenes Dusekeev, Nurgisa Tlendiev and others.

Marat Bisengaliev is one of the outstanding violinists of the present time. He was born in 1962 in Kazakhstan. Graduated from Moscow conservatory, he is a prizewinner of the most international competitions. He recorded many discs for Naxos.

This very period includes numerous concerts in England, the USA, Honkong, Australia, and France. From 1990 he lives in UK. He has pupils in several regions of Great Britain, holds master- classes in prestigious music education institutions of the world. Every year he visits Kazakhstan with concerts, holding master- classes in cities of the Republic.

Kurmangazy Sagyrbayuly.

  • He was born and lived in Western Kazakhstan. He is a big name in Kazakh instrumental folk music, a great composer and dombra player. At the age of 18, he had become a good musician and decided to leave his native place. Kurmangazy met many singers and learnt their songs and kyuis. One of his important works “Kishkentai”. The works of Kurmangazy, “Saryarka” and “Kobik shashkan” are big artistic pictures showing the people. In “Saryarka” we can hear people’s voice and the voice of land wide. About 80 of his kyuis are published. Nowadays dombra follow Kurmangazy’s tradition.

 Dinah Nurpeisova.

She is one of outstanding representatives of Kazakh musical culture: a famous dombra- player and the author of wonderful kyuis. Her performances and mastery of composition played a great role in the development of Kazakh musical culture. She was born 1861 in the Zhangaly District of Western Kazakhstan. Her teacher, Kurmangazy, presented his dombra to her. She created some kyuis on folk themes, among them “Bulbul”, “Baizhuma” and “Kogentup”. Moscow heard Dinah in 1933 at the competition of folk instruments. At this competition she won the first prize. For the 20th anniversary of the Kazakh Republic, Dinah wrote “Toi bastar” (opening festival). She died very old, at the age of 94. Her best works belong to people, to the treasury of the multinational culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

(Оқушылар өздерінің алып келген кассетасы мен дисктерімен бөліседі. Қандай әншілердің дискілері барын айту).

Teacher: — Now children do you collect discs and cassettes.

  • How many discs have you got?
  1. Singers, musicians, groups.
  • Now, look at these photos. Do you know them? Who are they?
  • Madonna, Jenifer Lopes, Michael Jackson, Dima Bilan and Group “Orda”


  • I have two discs of famous singers. I offer you to play auction. And you should name the songs of this singer’s. And I’ll give this disc to you if you name her songs. Let’s begin. Are you ready? (Britney Spears, Group “Orda”


  1. Sing a song.
  • Have you ever heard about “Beatles”?
  • Listen to the song from “Beatles”- Yesterday.
  • The Beatles were an English rock band, formed in Liverpool in 1960, and one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed acts in the history of popular music.
  • From 1962, the group consisted of John Lennon (rhythm guitar, vocals), Paul McCartney (bass guitar, vocals), George Harrison (lead guitar, vocals) and Ringo Starr (drums, vocals).
  • Look at the screen. You can see the words of song “Yesterday”. Sing a song all together to the music.

All my troubles … so far away,
Now it looks as though they’re here to …
Oh, I believe in yesterday.
I’m not … the man I used to be,
There’s a shadow hanging … me,
Oh, yesterday came suddenly.
Why … had to go
I don’t know she wouldn’t say
I said something …
Now I long for yesterday.
… ,
Love was such an easy …,
Now I need a place to …
Oh, I believe in yesterday.
Why she had to go
I don’t know she …
I said something …,
Now I … for yesterday.

Teacher: Why is it really important to speak about music and songs as a part of the culture of another country while studying English? Will you agree if I say that music and songs are the keys to understanding of the language and culture of the other countries?

WRITING.  Match the arts with the names of people’s activities.

  1. Someone who writes music or plays a musical instruments is …
  2. Someone who acts in plays or films is …
  3. Someone who paints pictures is …
  4. Someone who makes up songs and music is …
  5. Someone who writes plays is …
  6. Someone who writes poems is …
  7. Someone who sings is …

Words: a) a poet; b) a ballet dancer; c) a musician; d) a singer; e) an actor or an actress; f) a composer; g) an artist.

Make up sentences.







don’t like

can’t stand





listening to







heavy metal




So, let’s conclude our lesson. At the beginning of the lesson you complete the three colomn and let’s complete the third colomn. I knew. What have you known? What did we speak about? And what information have you known?


  • Home task.
  • Your home task will be to find the information about our national composer’s life and their creative work.
  • And your marks for today. You are expellant today!
  • The lesson is over. Good- Bye! See you the next lesson!