Сабақтың тақырыбы: Kazakhstan. It’s geography


Сабақтың тақырыбы: Kazakhstan. It’s geography
Сілтеме: Т.Аяпова «English» 7 қосымша English 8 Т.Кузнецова
Жалпы мақсат: Сын тұрғысынан ойлай отырып, оқушылардың ағылшын тілінде Қазақстан жөнінде, географиялық жағдайы туралы сөздік қорлары молаяды.
Оқыту нәтижесі: Топтық жұмысқа үйренеді, өз бетімен жұмыс жасауға дағдыланады.
Түйінді идея: Оқушылар өзін-өзі реттейді, оқуға бейімделеді.
Уақыт Оқыту формасы Ресурсы Мұғалімнің әрекеті Оқушының әрекеті
2 мин greeting Teacher greets the children and introduces with the aims of the lesson and rules:

1.  Be active!

2.  Be patriotic!

3.  Be friendly and tolerant

4.  Help each other

5.  Talk English all the time!

Pupils greet the teacher



They repeat the English rules

4 мин grouping A3 poster, markers, pieces of mosaics, hats of three colours. Teacher gives the marking paper.








Teacher shows the pieces of papers. We’ll make three groups Each pupil takes a piece of paper and makes a group. Pupils introduces with the names of their group, wear hats and chooses the leader of the group

I group – “Mountains” (brown hats)

II group – Rivers (blue hats)

III group – Trees (green hats)



3 мин grouping Video about Kazakhstan Warning-up question:

1)  What have you seen in the film?

2)  What country do you live?

3)  Were you born in Kazakhstan?

4)  What part of the capital of Kazakhstan?

Groups answer the questions.


6 мин A3 papers, coloured pencils All of you were born in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is our motherland. What words do you associate with “Motherland” Group make associations and share opinions.

Kazakhstan      parents           our home


friendship                                    country



Native land       Family          Peace

2 мин grouping Text “ Kazakhstan” new words


New words:

Population – халық саны

State – мемлекет

Border- шекаралас болу

Area –аумак

Climate – климат

Agriculture – ауыл шаруашылығы


Group repeat the words after the teacher, then read the text.


6 мин grouping Comprehension check Teacher divides the text into 3 paragraphs.

What is the main idea of the text?

Each pupil of the group reads the text.

The leaders of the group give an information about paragraph.

5 мин Grammar task

A3 paper

I. Write 3 forms of the verbs.

II. Find adjectives, give it comparative and superlative forms.

III.    Work with the map name 14 oblasts and large cities.

Pupils of the group answer the questions.


4 мин Marking of the best pupil “Baiterek’s” picture Who was the best pupil today?

What do you think?

What is it?

Each pupil writers on the sticker the best pupil’s name and comments.





4 мин grouping Clouds speak (slide) questions I group:







Pupils of the group answer the questions.
 II group:                                                                   III group:









2 мин grouping Physical training Teacher asks to sing a song Pupils sing a song.
3 мин grouping Insert strategy  

Pupils fill in the chart.
3 мин grouping Marking of the pupils. Teacher gives marking paper The leader of the group gives marks for the group.
1 мин Conclusion Thank you for you fruitful work. I would like to unite all our abilities and possibilities to continue our country’s way to success. Thank you for your attention. Goodbye, pupils, see you! Goodbye teacher!