What is Jane going to do?

Theme:    What is Jane going to do?

Objectives :    Educational 

To teach pupils to use new words and phrases

in   oral speech.


To develop pupils`   abilities and skills   in their

speech through asking & answering questions

                         Bringing- up

To bring up pupils  to spend useful their free time


Pupils will be able to speak about their plans

using     the structure  “ to be going to”.

Visual Aids:    pictures, cards, poster,   interactive   board.


  1. Motivation
  2.  Greeting                                             T—Cl.
  3. Dialogue  with pupil on duty.                T —-P. on duty
  4. Brainstorming.

Read and find the odd one out.

  1.    pen   exercise-book  pencil  car  ruler
  2.  teacher   doctor  actor  engineer  taxi
  3.  windy   rainy  hungry  sunny  cloudy
  4.   Christmas   Nauryz   Halloween   Thanksgiving
  5. Presentation
  6. Vocabulary                                                 T –Cl.
  7.   Shower                 to   take  a shower

Play                   to   play   tennis

Play computer games

Watch                    to   watch TV

Have                     to   have lunch

Cook                     to   cook   a meal

Ride                      to   ride a bike

Listen                    to   listen to music

Homework            to   do   homework

  1.   Write the words  in the  right column

[    ]    [   ]  [   ]   [   ]   [   ]   [   ]  [   ]


Take, play,  lunch,  shower, watch, computer, ride,  bike,  cook, meal.


  1.   Matching  words with pictures .
  2. Using  words in sentences.
  3. Grammar     “ to be going to..”
  4.    Forming             be  going + to+ Infinitive

Examples  :            I am  going to visit the museum.

You are not going to stay at home.

Are they going to ride a bike tomorrow ?

  1. Grammar Reference      p.  145
  2. Reading .   Ex.  8(c ) p. 119
  3. Read and find the sentences with structure “ going to”


  1.       Doing   of  consolidation  exercises.
  2. Complete the sentences using the structure “ going to”& put the necessary form of the verb “ to be”.
  3. She …   …  to play the piano.
  4. I … not …  to buy  this book.
  5. … you … to write a composition tomorrow ?


  1. Write sentences using  “ be going to”.

Example:   It / rain        It  is going to rain.

  1. They / eat / a hamburger.
  2. He / not / watch/   a film.
  3. We  /  play/ volleyball.
  4. I / give / it   next week.
  5.       Working at  the  cards.

Card  #1.    Write   negative  sentences  using “ be going to”

  1. Asel  /not / visit / the British Museum.
  2. She  /  not / have / a holiday this summer.
  3. They / not / play / computer games.


Card # 2.     Ask   questions   using   “ be going to”

  1.   (   stay    at hotel) ———-    ?
  2. (   eat    in a restaurant)  ———?
  3. (   swim   in the sea )  ———?
  4.     Production
  5.    Working at pictures   &   making up of  sentences

using   “ be going to”

  1.    Making up of dialogues.        P1  —-P2,    P3 —P4.

Example:   What are you going to do   tomorrow?

I  am going  to  write a composition.

next  week                        visit my grandparents

at   10  o`clock                    do homework

tomorrow                        help my friend

in  summer                       swim in the sea

  1.      Evaluation
  2.   Conclusion   of the lesson.        T—Cl.

What have we done today on the lesson?

What   have we   learnt   today?

I want to finish our lesson with the words of John Galsworthy   “  If  you do  not think about future you can not have one”

  1.   Giving up of the marks to pupils.  T—P1,   P2, P3 etc.
  2.   Homework     a.   learning   of words by heart  b.  Grammar     Reference   p.  14    c.    Ex.    10, 11    p.   120