«Тапқырлар сайысы» English Speaking countries.

Тақырыбы: «Тапқырлар сайысы»   English Speaking countries.



  1. Білімдік:

Ағылшын тілінде сөйлейтін мемлекеттердің географиялық орналасуы, саяси жағдайы, білім жүйесі, мәдениеті, әдебиеті, көрнекі жерлері туралы мәліметтерді іздене отырып, оқушылардың білімін жан-жақты дамуын қалыптастыру.


  1. Дамытушылық:

Оқушылардың ойлауын, шапшаңдығын, шығармашылық қабілеттерін, қарым-қатынас жасау құзырлығын дамыту.


  1. Тәрбиелік:

Өз елінің, өзге елдің әдет-ғұрпын, салт-дәстүрін, мәдениетін, әдебиетін құрметтеуге, жан-жақты дамыған, өмірлік ұстанымы бар жеке тұлғаны қалыптастыруға тәрбиелеу.


Құрал жабдықтар, көрнекі құралдар: интерактивті  тақта.


Сабақ түрі:  жарыс сабақ


Әдіс-тәсілдері: эвристикалық әдіс, интерактивті әдіс-тәсілдер.


Пән аралық байланыс: география.



— Good afternoon dear our guests and participants of our game. Attention please, we are very glad to see at our game “Brain Ring”! I trust you’re all fine today, aren’t you? The weather is fine today. We’ve gathered together today to hold on one of the TV games which were extremely popular among school students several years ago. Our game will be devoted to the English Speaking countries: The United Kingdom of Great Britain, The United States, Canada, The Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand. We will check your knowledge about geographical position, political system, education, culture, economy, history, sport and also about famous people of these countries. I’m sure you’ll certainly get some more useful information today, as well.

Before starting our game we want the participants to introduce themselves. Let’s greet the members of the first, second, third team. Applause please! And of course judges will be all eyes and ears following the game and helping to score the points.

I want to make you remember the following rules of our game.

  1. No books, notebooks on the table;
  2. Give full answers;
  3. You will get one point for each correct answer;
  4. Respect other teams, don’t disturb and shout;
  5. You will loose two points, if you don’t keep the rules.

Our game consists of two rounds:

  1. Warming up
  2. Hurry up and answer

Now it’s time to start the first round. As you see you are three teams: 8a, 8ә, 8б grades. There are 20 questions for each team. For each full correct answer you will get one point. Who has the least points will leave our game. Let’s start with 8a grade.


I Round “Warming up”

I team

  1. When does the English compulsory school begin? (5)
  2. How many states does the USA consists of? (50 states)
  3. What are the official languages in Canada? (English and French)
  4. What is the national symbol of Canada? (Maple Leaf)
  5. From what country the statue of Liberty was a gift? (France)
  6. Which is the biggest state in the USA? (Alaska)
  7. Which 19th century American writer is said to be the founder of the defective genre? (F.A. Poe)
  8. Which American rock-and-roll star lived in Memphis Tennessee? (Elvis Presley)
  9. Who was the 22nd and 24th president of the USA (Stephen Grover Cleveland)
  10. What was the first animated exhibit in the wax museum of Madam Tussaud’s? (The Sleeping Beauty)
  11. Who ordered to build the Westminster Abbey? (Edward the Confessor)
  12. The longest river in England? (Severn-388km)
  13. Which song can be heard on New Year’s Eve? (For Auld Lang Syne)
  14. Name the gallery was named after the sugar millionaire? (The Tate Gallery)
  15. The official name of the Houses of Parliament? (Westminster Palace)
  16. What is the largest Island in Canada? (Baffin)
  17. The mountains are blue in Australia because of what? (eucalyptus trees)
  18. Since when Sydney has been capital of Australia? (1827)
  19. How did the Maori people name NZ? (White Clouds)
  20. Name one of the largest all-wooden buildings in the world? (the old Government Building)


Thank you! It’s turn to answer for the second team 8 ә grade.



                                                        II team

  1. What is the name of the awards given to the best movie actors and actresses each year? (Oscars)
  2. Name the largest library in the USA. (National Library)
  3. What is the largest and oldest University in the USA? (The Harvard University)
  4. What is the smallest state in the USA? (Rhode Island)
  5. What is the nickname of the USA Government? (Uncle Sam)
  6. What is the centre of the US film Industry? (Hollywood)
  7. Which of the US presidents served the longest of all other Presidents? (Franklin D. Roosevelt)
  8. When do the English celebrate Boxing Day? (on the 26th of December)
  9. How old is the Tower of London? (900 years)
  10. Freedom of speech, freedom of expression is guar anteed here? (Speaker’s Corner)
  11. The centre of night life in the West End? (Piccadilly Circus)
  12. What is Downing Street No. 11 famous for? (The name of Prime- Minister)
  13. The permanent seat of British Parliament? (The house of Parliament)
  14. The masterpiece of Christopher Wren? ( Paul’s Cathedral)
  15. Which animal is official emblem of Canada? (The beaver)
  16. Name the first Canadian to win the Nobel Peace Prize? (Pearson)
  17. What is the national flower of Australia? (wattle)
  18. In what city were the first Olympic Games held in Australia in 1956? (Melbourne)
  19. What is the symbol of NZ? (kiwi)
  20. What does the word “Maori” mean in Maori language? (native)


Thanks for your answers. It’s getting more and more interesting. The last turn to answer for the 8б grade.

III team

  1. When was America discovered by Columbus? (1492)
  2. What is the nickname of New York? (Big Apple)
  3. What is the real name of Mark Twain? (Samuel Clemens)
  4. Which American silent-movie star is called ‘Little Tramp’? (Charlie Chaplin)
  5. When was the White House built? (1799)
  6. What is the name of London Zoo? (Regent’s Park)
  7. What is Britain’s currency? (Pound and pence)
  8. The highest mountain in the UK? (Ben Nevis-1343m)
  9. Who are called the “Tories”? (The Conservative Party)
  10. What types of schools are there in the USA? (Public and private schools)
  11. What is the national Holiday in NZ? (Waitangi Day 6 February)
  12. How many largest deserts are there in Australia? (4)
  13. What city is Australian’s largest producer of gold? (Kalgoorlie)
  14. The place of dreams and nightmares of victory and defeat in London? (The Tower of London)
  15. Two popular gentlemen associated with Baker Street? (Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson)
  16. The English writer whose most famous navel is “Robinson Crusoe”? (Daniel Defoe)
  17. What is the largest lake in Canada? (Great Bear Lake)
  18. Who was the first Prime Minister of Canada? (Macdonald)
  19. Name one of the best and oldest galleries in NZ? (The Dunedin Public)
  20. Name the 1954 Nobel Laureate in Literature who wrote ‘The Sun also Rises’ (Ernest Hemingway)




Dear our judges! Will you tell us the result of the first round? …

Two winner teams will continue the second round. You will be put the questions and shown colorful pictures of some places of interests on the interactive board. Your task is to give full information and you must name the pictures and add some facts about them.


II Round “Hurry up and answer”


  1. “The Union Jack” is made up 3 crosses on a blue ground. It combines the red cross of England, the white cross of Scotland and the red cross of Ireland. The symbol of Wales is not reflected in “The Union Jack”. Why?


(Because when the flag first appeared Wales was already firmly united with     England.     Thus, the Welsh flag is a red dragon on a white and green ground.)


  1. The British are known to be the world’s greatest tea-drinkers. It is said that they drink a quarter of all the tea. Grown on the Earth each year. What is the so-called “high tea” in England? What does it include? At what time is it?


(It is a quite a substantial meal at about 6 p.m. when all the members of the family gather together. In a well-to-do family it may include ham, bacon, tongue, tinned salmon or sausage, cheese and butter, stewed fruit and some pastries: biscuits or buns with cream, honey or marmalade and of course several cups of strong tea.)


  1. Canada boasts many folk musicians and popular musicians, as well as some serious composers. Her warmth, talent and willingness to promote other Canadian artists on national TV have made her a popular contributor to contemporary and folk Canadian music. She is from Nova Scotia. Who is she?


(One of the most famous Canadian singers is Anne Murray. Her music has long been enjoyed all over the world. A former physical education teacher from Springhill, Nova Scotia. She sang her way to gold records all over the world. Many Canadian adults still hum tunes she made popular.)


  1. Picture № 1. What is it? Where is situated this sightseeing? (Big Ben in London)


(It is “Big Ben”. The tower clock famous for its accuracy and for its massive bell (weighting more than 13 tons). It is housed in St. Stephens Tower, at the Northern end of the Houses of Parliament, in London borough of Westminster. The clock was designed by Edmund Beckett Denison and built by E.J. Dent and, later by Frederick Dent.)


  1. What do you know about the traffic in Britain? What should everyone keep in mind while crossing the street in London?


(In London you can see many buses, cars, taxis and the London Underground. There are no trams in London. There are two kinds of buses: the red double-decker and single- decker. The taxis are black. London traffic differs from that of the continent. In England they keep to the left, not to the right. In England people say: “If you go left, you go right. If you go right, you go wrong”.)


  1. What does it mean the word “Woolsack”?


“Woolsack” is a special seat of the Lord-Chancellor. The Lord-Chancellor is the chairman of the House of Lords. There are 830 hereditary, 26 spiritual peers, 270 life peers and peeresses. They are not elected by general vote.


  1. Picture № 2. What is it? Where is this sightseeing situated? (The Statue of Liberty in New York)


(The Statue of Liberty is the large copper statue that stands on Liberty Island in New York Harbor. This Statue is the largest ever made. France gave the monument to the United States in 1884 as a symbol of friendship and of the liberty that citizens enjoy under a free of government. The Statue represents a proud woman, dressed in a loose robe that falls in graceful folds to the top of the pedestal on which the statue stands. The author of Statue of Liberty is French architect Frederic Auguste Bartholdi.)


  1. The national anthem of Australia is “Advance Australia Fair”. This replaced “God save the Queen” as Australia’s national anthem in 1984. Why was it changed?


(This reflected Australia’s changing consciousness of itself – from being apart of the British Empire tom being a more independent entity. Since then, there has been an increasing level of support for complete independence from the monarchy of Britain.)


  1. Who was Robin Hood?

(He is a legendary hero of England. He lived in the 12th century. The legend says that lived in Sherwood Forest with his merry fellows; they took money from the rich and gave it to the poor. )


  1. 10. What do the letters BBC stands for?


(British Broadcasting Corporation – it has 5 major national radio stations and various TV channels. BBCV receives its income in part from television license fees and also from commercial activities such as selling merchandise.)


  1. The following Black Canadians are very famous for their achievements. See if you can match the person with his or her accomplishments.

Rosemary Brown              First Black cabinet minister in the government of Canada; first

Black lieutenant governor (Ontario, 1985-1991)

Oscar Peterson                 First female editor of a North American newspaper (1853,

Chatham, Ontario, Provincial Freeman)

Lincoln Alexander            First Black woman elected to a provincial legislature (1972)

Mary Ann Shad                 Famous jazz musician


(Rosemary Brown             First Black woman elected to a provincial legislature (1972)

Oscar Peterson                Famous jazz musician

Lincoln Alexander            First Black cabinet minister in the government of Canada; first

Black lieutenant governor (Ontario, 1985-1991)

Mary Ann Shad                 First female editor of a North American newspaper (1853,

Chatham, Ontario, Provincial Freeman))


  1. Picture № 3. What is it? (Kangaroo)


(The kangaroo is one of Australia’s iconic animals, and most species are endemic to Australia. The kangaroo is a marsupial mammal meaning it carries its baby in its pouch on the outside of its tummy. There are over 40 different types of Kangaroo. A male kangaroo is called a boomer; a female kangaroo is called a flyer; a baby kangaroo is called a joey.)


  1. “I wonder what the world would be like today if the telephone hadn’t been invented,”

Who is the author of this utterance? What do you know about the inventor?


(Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922) was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. He invented the first telephone in 1876 and became the citizen of the USA in 1882. Bell was the modest humanitarian who once told his family that he would rather be remembered as a teacher of deaf than as the inventor of the telephone.)


  1. American newspapers get much of their news fro the same source as all newspapers in the world. Name the world’s largest news agencies and what do you know about them?


(The world’s largest news agencies are AP (Associated Press) and UPI (United Press International). Neither of them is owned, controlled or operated by the government. They have thousands of subscribers – newspapers, radio and television stations and other agencies which pay to receive and use the news and photographs in more than 100 countries of the world.)


  1. Some English words have become international and they are frequently used now in the Kazakh language: tennis, manager, business. Do you know the origin of the word “sandwich”?


(The word “sandwich” comes from the name of an English politician John Montague, the Earl of Sandwich (1718-1792) who was very fond of gambling. He invented sandwiches in order to be able to eat without leaving the gambling table. He also gave his name to the Sandwich Islands which are now called the Hawaiian Islands.)


  1. Picture № 4. What is it? (Buckingham Palace)


(Buckingham Palace is the Queen’s official London residence. It has been a home for seven generations of British kings and queens and is the symbol of the monarch.)


  1. What do you know about the founder of “The Globe Theatre”?


(“The Globe Theatre” was founded in 1599 by William Shakespeare (1564-1616). He was a famous English dramatist and poet. He wrote lyric plays, comedies, tragedies and historical plays. His works are “Romeo and Juliet”, “King Lear”, “Hamlet”, “Julie Caesar” and others.)


  1. The four superstars were John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Star. Which group are they? What do you know about them?


(They are “Beatles”. “Beatles” were a pop and rock band from Liverpool. They became internationally famous; they had a lot hit records. Several generations of people grew up listening to their songs.)


  1. Picture № 4. What is it? (Westminster Abbey)


(Westminster of Abbey is now the political centre of London, which stands opposite the Houses of Parliament. In the 11th century King Edward the Confessor decided to build a great abbey there. There are many royal tombs.)


  1. It was Russian newspaper “The Red Star” which gave her the nickname “the iron lady”. Who was this woman and what did she do?


(Margaret Thatcher – the first woman to occupy the poison of prime minister 1979-1990: Conservative Party)


Well, it’s time to declare the winner of today’s game. Congratulations to all members of … team. Please the leader of the team you are welcome! (giving a diploma)

Thanks a lot to everyone for taking an active part in our game. You really demonstrated your perfect knowledge. I wish you success and good luck! See you!