Theme: How do you get to school?

Class: 7

Theme: How do you get to school?


  1. Educational: To enrich students knowledge on the theme ; to widen their vocabulary through doing different tasks,explanation of modal verbs .
  2. Developmental: To develop student’s skills in oral speech; to develop student’s writing, reading and speaking abilities through giving several tasks; to improve their mental and critical thinking.
  3. Cultural: To bring up students to respect and love foreign language, to tell pupils the good and bad sides of hitch-hiking.

Type:     combined

Visual aids: cards, pictures of   transports, presentation, interactiveboard.


The procedure of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment:
    1. Greeting:

— Good afternoon, dear children!

— How are you?

  1. Speech drilling
    • What is your name?
    • Where are you from?
    • How old are you?
    • How do you get to school?
    • Do you go to school by taxi?




  1. Match the words with the pictures

Pupils take words from the box and hang to the suitable picture.

Car   Plane    Train  Helicopter

Bus   Ship  Boat  tram  motorbike

2.Now, divide these transports into public and private transport:


a tram a car


New theme

Presenting new words:

  • Hitch – hiking n
  • Hitch – hiker n
  • Hitch – hike v
  • Attack- [әtәеk] – шабуыл жасау
  • Murder [мә:dә] – өлтіру
  • Rob [rob]  тонау,ұрлау
  • Allow [әlou] рұқсат ету


Doing exercises

  • Ex:9 p: 125

   Read the text « Hitch –hiking  — dangerous or save?«


True or false

  • Hitch hiking is not popular with young people.
  • Hitch-hiking was once cheap and friendly.
  • Now hitch – hiking is not dangerous.
  • Drivers attack or murder hitch-hikers.
  • Some hitch-hikers rob drivers.
  • Because of this some countries allow people to hitch-hike.


  • Ex: 10 p: 125

Fill in the gaps. Hitch-hike, hitch – hiking or hitch – hiker?


  • Let`s have a rest!


New grammar: Modal verbs


Can/can’t біреудің бір нәрсені істей алу, істей алмау қабілетін көрсетеді.


     He can ride a bike.

      I can swim.

     She can’t cook.

    He can’t jump.




  • Сөйлеушінің біреуден рұқсат сұрауын білдіргенде қолданылады.


             May I use your bike?

            May I sit here?

            May I come in?



  • Сөйлеушінің біреуге ақыл-кеңес, ұсыныс бергенде қолданылады.

You should go and see this film. It is very interesting.

You shouldn’t come home so late.


  • Teacher gives out cards
  • Task: Use may, can or should.

Қабілеті төмен оқушыға тапсырма.

Write the missing letters

, , , ,


Grammar exercise

  1. swim I can very well
  2. they play basketball can
  3. Tony ride a bike can
  4. cook can he?
  5. can’t Ann play the guitar
  1. drive a car you can ?
  2. I come may in
  3. Hitch-hike you shouldn`t
  4. Take should hitch-hikers much food

Match the words to the pictures


 Ex14,15. P126Learn by heart a dialogue  and new words . Prepare for the word dictation.

Evaluation: listen to your marks.

Conclusion: The lesson is over, good –bye!

Additional materials: Ex: 11,12 p:125-126