Happy birthday! Numbers.

Актөбе облысы Хромтау қаласы

№3 Хромтау орта мектебі

пәні: Ағылшын тілі

мұғалім: Жуминова Феризат Нұрлыбайқызы

Тақырыбы: Unit 4. Happy birthday! Numbers

Lesson Plan


Class: 1

Duration: 45 min.

The theme of the lesson: Unit 4. Happy birthday! Numbers.


  1. To teach talking about age and birthdays.
  2. To develop pupils listening, thinking, reading and writing skills.
  3. To bring -up to be friendly.

Type of the lesson: mixed

Method of the lesson: question-answer, dialogue.

Visual aids: Alphabet; Flashcards: fish, octopus, seashore; CD.

Procedure of the lesson:

StageContentTime Material need
I. Organization moment.— All of you stand up!

— Good morning pupils!

— Good morning, good morning!

  Good morning to you

  How are you teacher?

  We are glad to see you!

— Thank you, I’m glad to see you, too.

— You may sit down!

2 min. 
II. Checking-up home work.— Let’s check-up your home work.

— Open your activity book I’ll check your home work.

— OK. Who wants to read?

— You please!

— Thank you sit down.

5 min. 


— Boys and girls look at the alphabet.

— There are 26 letters in English lesson.

— Repeat after me the letters.

— Well done!

5 min.Alphabet

New words.

Birthday — туған күніңмен

Seahorse — теңіз аты

Pupil — оқушы

Bad — жаман

Good — жақсы

Happy — қуанышты

OK — жақсы

Today — бүгін

Good morning — қайырлы таң

Sorry I’m late — кешіріңіз мен кешігіп келдім

Fish — балық

5 min. 

New lesson.

Boys and girls enter the room.

Good morning!

— Hello!

— Come in and sit down!

— You are late! And you must late Sorry I’m late.

— Look at the picture and repeat after me.

— Octopus, fish, seahorse.

— What is this?

— It’s a fish.

— Please answer to the questions, where the creatures live?

— How many legs each has?

— Eight, zero.

— I am a teacher and Nora is a teacher.

— You are pupils and Fish, Octopus, are pupils.

— Look at the board and copy please the words to the notebook.



— Open your books at page 26.

— Look at the pictures.

— This unit called Happy birthday.

— Answer to my questions. What birthday means?


Story outline

Brill, the children and Nora are now in Nora’s school. Nora is a teacher and has a lovely school where she teaches Seahorse, Octopus and Fish. The pupils are ready and waiting for their lesson, except Seahorse, who arrives late. Seahorse excuses himself and explains that it is his birthday. Nora happily continues the lesson with the children. joining in.

But meanwhile, outside the school, pirates, Rob, Bob, Eddie and Fred the parrot, are stealing more stars. Eddie is upset. He does not like stealing the stars because he does not want to do bad things, but he frightened of Rob and Bob. Rob and Bob think Edie and Fred are too slow. They shout at them to hurry up.


— You are going to listen to the story on the CD.

Tape script

Nora: Come in. This is my school.

          These are my pupils. Good morning!

Octopus and fish: Good morning, Miss Nora.

Nora: How old are you?

Octopus: I’m eight.

Nora: How old are you, fish?

Fish: I’m four.

Seahorse: Good morning, Miss Nora. Sorry I’m late.

Nora: Good morning seahorse!

Seahorse: Miss Nora, it’s my birthday today!

All: Happy birthday!

Fish: How old are you?

Seahorse: I’m nine.

Rob: Eddie! Fred! The stars!

Fred: It’s OK, Eddie.

Eddie: Thank you Fred. Rob’s bad and Bob’s bad. I’m not bad.

Fred: Yes. Eddie’s good and Fred’s good!

Rob: Eddie! Fred!


— I’ll read the text listen attentively.

— I’ll write the words, write down to the notebook.

— Good pirates, bad pirates.

— I’ll play the CD, listen again.

— Please repeat after me.

— Well done.

15 min 
























































VI. Practice.Exercise: 2. Choose and circle.

— Read question 1.

— Who knows the answer. put your hands up.

— Read please Nora’s question and Octopus’s answer.



1. eight b

2. four a.

3. nine c

10 min.

Home work.

— Boys and girls your home task will be Ex: 1, P: 21.


Exercise: 1. Match and write. then copy.


1c  2a  3b

a. How old are you, Fish? I’m four.

b. It’s my birthday today. Happy Birthday.

c. How old are you, Octopus? I’m eight.

2 min. 


— Your mark…

— Lesson is over!

— Good bye pupils.

1 min.