The theme: «My flat

The theme: «My flat»

The aims: Speaking and talking about flat

Recycling the language functions

There is / There are

Lex. material

Learn pupils love the flat, which you live.


I .  Org moment.

T – Good afternoon, pupils.

P – Good afternoon, teacher.

T – I’m glad to see you.

P – We’re glad to see you, too.

T – Who is on duty today?

P – I’m on duty today.

T – What date is today?

P – Today is the 9th of February.

T – What’s the weather like today?

P – Today is cold.

T – Thank you, sit down, please.


T – The theme of our lesson is «My flat»

I think everybody like the flat, where live.

II . Phonetic drill:    T – Repeat after me these proverbs.

  1. «There is no place like home»
  2. «East or West home is best»
  3. «My house is my castle»

T – Guess the riddle.

«This is a house

With one window in it

It shows films

Every minute»

III. Sing the song. «Hello, hello»

Hello! Hello! How are you?

I’m fine, thank you. I’m fine, thank you.

Hello! Hello! What’s your name?

Ma name’s ______ . That’s my name.

Good bye, good bye. Good bye to you.

  1. T – Repeat after me. (Teacher show the cards with picture of furniture, pupils guess them)

A carpet, a bookshelf, a chair, a television, a table, a cupboard, a wardrobe, a bed, a sofa, an arm chair.

T – Play on rows. (Teacher shows I row – they guess the wore)

  1. Play game. T – Put two words pieces together and you’ll find what things have in the room.

Win —— ors                                                   The answer : windows

Ta ——— irs                                                   table

Do ——- ed                                                   doors

Cha —— dows                                              chairs

B ——— ble                                                  bed

So ——— ture                                                sofa

Pic ——- fa                                                    picture

An armchair
  1. Game. Look at the words in the box. Match them to the pictures. Which room do the words go with?
A lamp
A carpet
A stereo
A toilet table




A television
A bed



A bed room
Living room
Rooms in a flat (house)


A bath room
A washing machine


A calendar
A kitchen
A table
A dishwasher
A cupboards
A cooker
A clock











VII. Scene  ( Милана Халметова, Лера Белоенко, Дима Романов, Руслан Мухометдинов)

  1. – «Look! I’ve got a certificate for good work at school»
  2. – «Well, done. Rosy. Go and show your family.»
  3. – «Where is Grandma? Is she in the kitchen?»
  4. – «No, she isn’t.»
  5. – «Are Dad and Billy in the living room?»
  6. – «No, they aren`t.»
  7. – «Thank you!»

D.T. – «Surprise!!!»

  1. – «Well done, Rosy.»

VIII. T – Ex 2 p 55 read and translate.

Ex 3 p 55 write Is/Are.

  1. Sing the song «Come into my house»

Page 56 track 28

  1. T – And now children will describe your favourite room. (Children show picture and say)
  2. Дамир 4. Кристина 7. Илья
  3. Вика 5. Лера
  4. Диана 6. Дима
  5. Ex 3 p 58 read again and write.
  6. There are photos of Andy’s flat.
  7. The sofa is in the living room.
  8. The dining room is little.
  9. One bedroom is big.

Ex 2 p 66 write.

Ex 3 p 66 write.

XII. Give the marks and h/w ex 4 p 111 read and translate.