Theme: “Geography of Kazakhstan ”

Theme: “Geography of Kazakhstan ”

The aims of the lesson: pupils will be able to speak about geography, nature and history of Kazakhstan, to develop pupils’ interest in learning the theme, to  develop patriotic love to their country, to educate the feeling of love towards English; to develop pupils’ reading, writing, auding, speaking abilities and speech activity, the quickness of the reaction, to be discipline and to be active during the lesson; to teach pupils using computers, active studio, to do slide shows and using electronic dictionary.

Type of the lesson: combined, new lesson

The method: ICT

Visual aids:  computers, interactive board, electronic books, active studio, pictures, textbook.


  1. Beginning of the lesson. Anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The golden sun of the sky

Golden grain of the steppe

Legend of courage –

It is my country!

In a gray-haired antiquity

Our glory was born

My Kazakh people

Are strong by honour.

Oh, my people! Oh, my country!

I’m your flower created by you

I’m a song flowing out of you

Kazakhstan – my native land.


  1. Organization moment. Greeting.
  2. Brainstorming.

If you’ll guess it using the multiplication table you’ll know proverb about home and motherland


“East or West

Home is best”


  1. Checking up the homework.
  2. Presentation of the new words (work with electronic book)

Ore-rock or earth from which metal can be obtained

Plain-a large area of flat dry land

Desert-a large area of sand where it is always very hot and dry

Foothill-one of the smaller hills below a group of high mountains

Hectare-a unit for measuring area, equal 10000 square metres

Steppes-a large area of land without trees, especially parts of Asia and southeast

Lowland-an area of land that is lower than the land around it

Junction-a place where one road, track, continent, etc. joins another

Now repeat after me together!


  1. Introducing with the new theme.(audition)

Teacher: Today we shall speak about our country, our Motherland. Kazakhstan has always been a country of rich culture and beautiful places. The Republic of Kazakhstan is a presidential democracy. It lies between Europe and Asia and stretches from the eastern shore of the Caspian Sea to the Altai mountainous and from the foothills of the Tien Shan in the south and southeast to the West Siberian lowlands in the north. Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country in the world, after Russia, Canada, China, USA, Brazil, Australia, India and Argentina. (to show geography of Kazakhstan)electronic book.

Now pupils listen this text “Some Glimpses on Geography of Kazakhstan”

What about this text?

Where is situated Kazakhstan?

What do you say about our Motherland?



  1. Working with the text.

Task 1. Fill in prepositions.

The geographical center ___ the European-Asian subcontinent is ___ Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is situated ___the center ___the Euroasian continent.

People ___different nationalities live ___Kazakhstan.



Task 2. Fill in the definite or indefinite article.

___largest rivers of Kazakhstan are Irtych, Ural, Syrdaria, Chu, Tobol, and Nura.

There are 11 thousand of  ___rivers and streams.

Today everybody knows ___USA and countries of  Western Europe display ___keen interest towards ___ Republic of Kazakhstan.




Task 3. Fill in the missing parts

Country                         capital                   language                  people

Kazakhstan             ________________________________________

France                    ________________________________________

Turkey                   _________________________________________

Russia                    __________________________________________

Japan                      __________________________________________


  1. Conclusion.

Now pupils, divide into 2 groups. The 1st group have to do slide shows on the theme “My Motherland, the 2nd group have to do slide shows on the theme “The capital of Kazakhstan”. You may show videos and use pictures.


  1. Giving the homework.

Your homework will be write an essay on the theme “The President of the RK”


Today you were active. I’ll give ‘5’-     ‘4’-     ‘3’-

  1. Saying Goodbye.

So pupils the lesson is over. Goodbye! Have a rest! You may go.