Theme: Gardening

Theme: Gardening

The objectives of the lesson.

  1. Educational: To teach the pupils to get the main information while reading the text to improve hearing skills.
  2. Developing: to develop the pupils speaking skills, writing and listening skills by working with texts, analyzing and doing exercises.
  3. Up-bringing: To teach to understand and love nature.

Types of lesson: Getting new information

Visual aids: a textbook, interactive board.

Procedure of the lesson.

  1. Organization moment
  2. Checking-up hometask
  • Evocation (қызығушылығын ояту)
  1. Realization (мағынаны тану)
  2. Relaxing time
  3. Reflextion (ой толғаныс)
  • Conclusion of the lesson. Mini-control
  • Giving hometask


  1. Organization moment: Greeting
  2. Checking-up hometask: to learn by heart new words of past subject
  • Evocation: I. To show animation “Gogo’s adventures with English”

Give task using animation. Pupils watch animation and then they’ll make-up a dialogue from animation.

Tony: Can you see Jenny?

Jenny: Yes I can

T: Can Gogo see?

J: No he can’t

Gogo: Yes I can. I can see.

Producer: Who is he?

J: His name is Gogo.

P: What he can do?

T: He can dance

J: Dance Gogo.

P: Very good. Can he sing?

  1. No he can’t.

G: I can. Have you got a pencil? Yes I have

P: He can’t sing

G: I can swim. Watch

J: He can catch

T: He can climb

P: Can he read?

T: Can you read Gogo?

G: Yes, I can; I can read

  1. Sam:







  • Phonetic drill:

We want to stamp

We want to clap

We want to run

We want to jump

We want to play

It’s fine and OK.

  1. Realization of meaning (мағынаны тану)
  2. Introducing with new words:

Plant [pla:nt] отырғызу

Watering [wa: tәing] суару

Whitewash [waitwa] ақтау

Prune [ pru:n] кесу

Garden [ga:dn] бақша

Gardener [ga:dner] бағбаншы

Gardening [ga:dninŋ] бақшалық

  1. Discussing the following questions:
  2. Do you have a garden?
  3. What kind of garden would you like to have?
  4. What do people usually do in the garden?
  5. Do you like working in the garden?
  • Look at the picture. Study the picture. Write down all the ideas that come to your mind.
  1. Let’s introduce with grammar. Past continuous. In what way this tense is formed.

Forming: was/were+verbs+ing

Болымды түрі                             Сұраулы түрі                                             Болымсыз түрі

I       was                                          was        I                                                  I        was

You    were                                     were        you                                            you    were

He/she it was planting                   was he/she it  planting?                   He/she it was not planting

We                                                        we                                                         we

You   were                                            were   you                                             you  were  not

They                                                     they                                                       they

For example:

Yesterday at 7 o’clock Omar was writing a letter.

What were you doing at 9 o’clock yesterday?

It wasn’t writing a letter at 7 o’clock last night.

Ережесі: өткен шақтағы белгілі бір уақытта бастап, сол уақыт туралы айтқан кезде әлі де жалғасып жатқан оқиғаны білдіреді. Яғни:

А) at 5 o’clock, at 7 o’clock, at that  moment, деген сияқты уақыты айтылады.

Б) past indefinite шағындағы етістік түріндегі басқа да іс-әрекеттер айтылады.

Doing Exercises using past continuous:

Ex 1p 216

  1. My friend was talking on the phone when I come into the room.
  2. What were you doing at 4 o’clock afternoon?
  3. I was speaking English when my teacher came into the classroom.
  4. Omar was reading a book when Colin phoned him.
  5. Dmitry was writing a letter when I worked into the room.
  6. Relaxing time: Song “Old mcdonald”
  7. Reflection (ой толғаныс)
  8. Ex 5 p115 Listening the dialogue

Good reading (pupils 1….2….3.)

  1. Ex 6 True or false
  2. a) T b) T c) F   d) F   e) F   f) T   g) T

VII. Conclusion of the lesson. Mini –control: Pyramid essay:

  1. Тақырып адам, жануар, жансыз зат
  2. Екі сөзге сыйдырып тақырыпты сипаттау
  3. Әңгіменің орнын бейнелейтін үш сөз
  4. Төрт сөз арқылы заттың маңыздылығын сипаттау
  5. Бес сөз арқылы тақырыптың кері әсерін анықтау
  6. Алты сөзбен туындаған мәселені шешу жолдарын көрсету.


Pyramid essay:


Useful, important

Flowers, trees, vegetables

Relax, enjoy, learn, inform

Be tired, prune, whitewash, weeding

Pruning, watering, planting, able-bodied, look-after

A game: Magic box

All student  say each other compliments giving box.

VIII Evaluation. Giving hometask : To learn by heart new words, and make-up sentences using past continuous, and write “ Gardening in my village”