Theme: food and drink

Қуанышова Салтанат Сырымқызы

Қаратөбе ауданы

Мұхит атындағы орта жалпы білім беретін мектебі

Ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі

Date : 14.03.2012.

Form: 6

Theme:  food and drink

Aims :To introduce  with new  material

Develop  pupil`s reading, speaking,  thinking  habits.

Visual aids: pictures,  cards  and  ball

Types of lesson :new lesson

The procedure of the lesson:

I.Organization  moment:a talk with a pupil on duty

  1. II. Warming –up  activities:

Children what do you like to eat? To drink?

How do you think what is the theme of our lesson?

Yes, you are right. Let`s begin our new lesson. The theme of our lesson “Food and drink” new grammar material countable and uncountable nouns. At first read this poem.

I like ice-cream

She likes sweets

I like eggs

She likes cheese

I like coffee

She  likes tea

I love you


Presentation                       Do you love me?

New words

beef burger – сиыр етінен жасалған гамбургер

baked potato — пісірілген картошка

biscuits — печенье

salad- салат

peas — бұршақ

sauce — тұздық

sausages  — шұжық

rice — күріш

soup — сорпа

grapes — жүзім

sugar — секер

mineral water – минералды су

In you opinion, what  are the three nicest things in the list?

Our grammar material countable  or uncountable  nouns. I’ll explain you the rules of grammar

Look at the blackboard.




Next task. I’ll give you many pictures. The first group must be find countable nouns, the next group uncountable nouns.

Countable                  Uncountable

oranges               coffee

apples                  tea

bananas              juice

eggs                    cheese

tomatoes             milk

carrots               sugar

sausages             mineral water

baked potato        salad

beef burger               rice

biscuits                     sauce


The next task. Imagine you’re having lunch in the café or in the restaurant. Work in a group and write a conversation. Using new  words. Then act out it.


Conclusion. At the end of our lesson let’s check up your knowledge. Test



  • There isn’t any meat in a………………………… (beefburger /

sausage / baked potato)

  • Could I have some………….. with my beefburger? (salad /

fruit / ice cream)

  • can be red or white, (tomatoes /peas /grapes)
  • Would you like a cup of tea and a………… ? (chip /potato /


  • Do you want any………….. in your tea? (cheese /sugar/bread)
  • We’re having chicken………….. for lunch, (soup /sauce / juice)
  • Sadie’s a vegetarian. She never eats………………… (rice /

veggieburgers / sausages)

  • Would you like some………….. on your fish? (sugar/ water/


  • ……………. are my favourite vegetables, (veggieburgers / peas /


  • Jack loves meat. He ate four………………. at the barbecue.

(potatoes / beefburgers / biscuits)

Home task. Learn by heart all new words and ex. 2 (b,c)



T:Children, what do you know in our lesson? Is it interesting?

P:  At the lesson we learn new word connected with food and drink.    We did interesting activities.

T:  Our lesson is over. Thank you for your attending. I’m glad to