Theme : Fast Food Restaurants


Theme :      Fast Food Restaurants

Aims: speak about theme using information from the text;

  1. to develop reading and speaking skills; to talk with your


  1. to make interest to the foreign arts and expect their traditions;

The form of the lesson:   stage and game lesson. :

The type of the lesson:   to introduce the material.

Methods:                          explaining and video.

Visions:                            cads, placards, notebook, video films, tables,


Other  subjects:               Kazakh and Russian languages;

Literature:                       a. textbook by T.  Ayapova

  1. b. N.G. Bruises »Приглашаем к столу » p.27.1997
  2. »English for everybody»   4   2007.

The form of the lesson: pairs-work, group-work.


The procedure of the lesson:

  1. Brainstorming
  2. Presentation
  3. new lexical words
  4. reading the material
  5. work on the text

III. Practice

  1. role play »At the restaurants»
  2. video -rollick »Fast Food Restaurants in the  Aktobe»
  3. galleries
  4. Product
  5. Motivization
  6. Home work.



  1. Greetings


-Good afternoon, children

-How are you?

-Now, boys and girls, we have guests in your lesson, as you see. Lets begin our lesson.



  1. Brainstorming


1) I have just come from »Super market» . I have buy a lot of foods. Who can help me  devide  foods into two basket/ The first is »Fruits», the second one is »Vegetables».

  1. Odd-one-out : slide-1
  2. bacon, turkey, sausage, ham.
  3. cabbage, tomato, apple, carrot.
  4. lemonade, tea, coffee, sugar.
  5. butter, oil, cheese, milk.


III. Presentation      “ Fast   Food   Restaurants “   (slide-2)


  1. The new lexical words:

hamburger, cheeseburger, pie , milkshake, coke, cheap, expensive (slide-3)


  1. Read and translate the text.


  1. Find in the text and read: (slide-4)


  1. What people  eat  at   FFR ?
  2. How people  eat  the  meal  at  FFR ?
  3. Why FFR-s   are   popular ?


  1. -What is FFR-s ?

-Do we have such restaurants in our town ?

-Where  is it  ?


Video-rollick »FFR-s in  Aktobe.»


  1. Practice


  1. Role play »At the restaurants»


-Hello. Let’s go to the restaurants.


Waiter: Good afternoon.

Boys: Good afternoon.

Waiter: Would you like …. / Would you like to drink ….

Boys: Yes, please. / No, thanks.

It’s our ordinary restaurant. What’s the  difference between the ordinary restaurant and FFR-s?


  1. c) Galleries (slide-5)



  1. You eat with your …
  2. You throw the bags, boxer.
  3. These restaurants are…




  1. You eat with a…and…
  2. A … brings your food on a plate.
  3. These restaurants are …


  1. c) Group work:


Divide  the pupils into two groups.

The first: Ordinary restaurants.

The second: FFR-s.

( work with the placards, to draw their opinions )


  1. Product


You are taken a lot of information about FFR-s. Try to write a little essay about it.


  1. Motivization.


  1. Homework. (slide-6)


1) make up a dialogue.

2) reading the text.