The theme of the lesson: What does your father do?

The theme of the lesson:  What does your father do?

The objectives:

  1. To develop pupils’ speaking, reading, writing and thinking abilities.
  2. To increase pupils’ word-stock with the help of doing different tasks.
  3. To bring up pupils’ interests, make them respect and love people of various


Intersubjective link:   Kazakh, Russian, Music.

Visual aids:  interactive  board, cards, song.


The outline :

  1. Organization moment: greeting, short conversation with pupils.



  1. Revision of the words taken at the previous Unit through guessing the crossword

«What’s the English for…?».

     T-P1-P2-Etc. Slide №1

«What’s the English for…?»

1) Пианино;

2) Алдында;

3) Арасында;

4) Кейін;

5) Ортасында;

6) Қарама-қарсы;

7) Кетті;

8) Артында;

9) Қалды;

10) Ай;

11) Екінші.


















III.  T: What word is in the the bottom of the Crossword?

P-s: Professions.

T: Yes, you are right. Today we’ll speak about different professions. Open your copy-

books and write down the date and the theme of today’s lesson.


The 5-th of December

Class work

What does your father do?  Slide №2


  1. Before reading the dialogue let’s be acquainted with the new vocabulary. Slide №3

1) ambassador [æm’bæsədə] – елші

2) housewife [haus’waif] – үй шаруасындағы әйел

3) bank manager [bæŋk’mænidʒə] – банк бастығы

4) operator [ɔpə’reitər] – оператор

5) dentist [dentist] – тіс дәрігері

6) secretary [‘sekritәri] – хатшы

7) musician [mju’ziʃn] – музыкант

8) lawyer [‘lɔ:jə] – заңгер

T- Cl- P1-P2 – Etc.


  1. Make names of professions out of these letters. Slide №4
  2. todcor
  3. rkowre
  4. rvrdie
  5. titneds
  6. lyewor
  7. tusetnd
  8. poerarot
  9. esrcteray
  10. naicisum
  11. rehcaet


  1. Let’s play the game «Find me». Slide №5

Let’s do Exercise 1 page 76.

P1: Picture №1 – a doctor

P2: Picture №2 – a dentist

P3: Picture №3 – a housewife

P4: Picture №4 – a lawyer

P5: Picture №5 – a teacher

P6: Picture №6 – a bank manager

P7: Picture №7 – a secretary

P8: Picture №8 – an operator

P9: Picture №9 – a driver

P10: Picture №10 – a musician

P1-P2-P3— Etc.


VII.  Let’s read and translate the dialogue between Colin and Omar.

Now look through the dialogue and answer the following questions orally in pairs.    

        Slide №6

P1: Is this Omar’s family?

P2: Yes it is.

P1: What does Omar’s father do?

P2: He is an ambassador.

P1: What does Omar’s mother do?

P2: She is a housewife.

P1: What does Omar’s uncle do?

P2: He is a bank manager.

P1: What does Omar’s sister do?

P2: She is a student.

P1-P2; P3-P4; P5-P6; Etc.


VIII. Correct the false statements. Slide №7

P1: Omar’s Dad is a bank manager.

No, he isn’t. He is an ambassador.

P2: His uncle is a taxi-driver.

No, he isn’t. He is a bank manager.

P3: Omar’s mother is a dentist.

No, she isn’t. She is a housewife.

P4: His sister is a pupil.

No, she isn’t. She is a student.



  1. Individual work with cards.

Card №1

What’s  your  mother’s  name?

Her  name  is  ______ .

What  does  she  do?

She  is  a  (an)  _______ ;

Card 2

What’s  your  father’s  name?

His  name  is  ______ .

What  does  he  do?

He  is  a  (an)  _______ ; Etc.


  1. Game «Who is what?». Slide №8
Your fatherYour motherYour sisterYour brotherYou
a doctor     
a driver     
a worker     
a teacher     
a lawyer     
a student     
a pupil     
a housewife     

P1-P2-P3— Etc.



  1. Now, let’s conclude the lesson with the help of the following test: (Slide №9)
  2. Тіс дәрігері.
  3. a) an ambassador b) a dentist    c) a driver
  4. An operator.
  5. a) оператор b) елші c) мұғалім.
  6. What ____ your mother do?
  7. a) do b) does   c) is
  8. He is ____ ambassador.
  9. a) a b) the   c) an
  10. Colin’s mother is a housewife.
  11. a) Колиннің анасы дәрігер.
  12. b) Колиннің анасы оператор.
  13. c) Колиннің анасы үй шаруасындағы әйел.
  14. What does your sister do?

____ is a student.

  1. a) He b) She   c) I
  2. What does your brother do?

____ is a student.

  1. a) He b) She c) I
  2. Музыкант (сазгер).
  3. a) doctor b) teacher   c) musician
  4. Is she a housewife?
  5. a) Yes, he is. b) Yes, she is. c) Yes, I am.
  6. Is he a student?
  7. a) No, he isn’t. b) No, she isn’t. c) No, I am not.


Answers:                                                                                                              Slide№10


1-b              6-b

2-a              7-a

3-b              8-c

4-c              9-b

5-c             10-a





XII. Your marks for today’s lesson; Home task: Exercise 8, 9 page 77.  Slide№11

Let’s end the lesson with the song «What will you be?». Slide№12





Song «What will you be?»

  1. What will you be, my dear friend?

What will you be, my dear friend?

What will you be, my dear friend?

What will you be, my friend?


What will you be?

What will you be?                           2t

What will you be, my friend?

I want to be a teacher

I want to be a doctor

I want to be a driver

A lawyer and a dentist

I want to work

I want to work for our native land        2t


  1. What do you want, my dear friend?

What do you want, my dear friend?

What do you want, my dear friend?

What do you want, my friend?



I want to work

I want to work for our native country

I want to work                                            2t

I want to work for our native land

XIII. The lesson is over. Good luck to all of you! Where were you, what were you, you must be real citizens of our native country. You are free. Bye!