The theme: Who’s the best?

The theme: Who’s the best?

The aims: To enrich pupils’ knowledge, to develop pupil’s abilities in speech, to teach to work creatively, to practice the pronunciation, to develop pupils’ interest to the foreign language.

The type: Competition

Equipments: An interactive board, pictures, letter papers, markers.


  1. Introduction of the teams
  2. “Do you know?” Answer the questions
  3. Word maker
  4. Find the translation of the word
  5. Describing the pictures
  6. Show us your art!
  7. Summing up

Good afternoon, dear teachers, children and guests! Welcome to our competition! We are glad to see you today.  Before the beginning we’ll call our juries and introduce them.

  1. Bishenova A.- Teacher of English
  2. Shugayeva F. — Teacher of English
  3. Isikenova S.- Teacher of Russian

There are two teams. 1. Introduction of the teams

At first they are to introduce themselves. Each team is to tell its name  and each pupil will introduce himself. To move to the next task you’ll choose the captains of the teams.

The first task is called “Do you know?” Answer the questions.  There are some letters. The captains of the teams will choose the numbers in order to who begins first. Then take the letters. And then your answers will begin with the holding letter. There are so simple questions.


  1. What is your name?
  2. How old are you?
  3. Where are you from?
  4. What do you want to be?
  5. What did you do yesterday?
  6. What are you doing now?
  7. How are you?
  8. Can birds fly?
  9. What is Asel going to do?
  10. Where are you going to spend your holidays?
  11. Have you been to Astana?
  12. Your favourite fruit?
  13. What month is it now?

Juries, please, give your points  for their answers.

The second task is called “Word maker”. You’ll find many words from one long word. Recommendation or Development

The third task is “Find the translation of the word”

For the fist team:

  1. Translate into English “eciм”- name
  2. Translate into English «ет»- meat
  3. Translate into English «топ, команда»-team
  4. Translate into English «жолдас»- mate
  5. Translate into English «жаңбыр»- rain
  6. Translate into English «негізгі, басты»-main
  7. Translate into English “тамаша”-fine
  8. Translate into English “от”-fire

For the second team:

  1. Translate into English “төмен”-down
  2. Translate into English “қала”-town
  3. Translate into English “жел”-wind
  4. Translate into English “батыс”-west
  5. Translate into English “ жаңалықтар”-news
  6. Translate into English “кең”- wide
  7. Translate into English “кетті”-went
  8. Translate into English “жіберy”- send

Juries, please, give your points for their answers.

The forth task is “Describing the pictures”

Captains of the teams will come here and tell about the thing which is shown in the picture, but not its name. F. ex:

House- We live in it. It has a door, windows, and roof. It is big.

Lion- It is the king of all animals. It lives in the forest. It has big mouth. Etc.

House, teacher, plane, car, sun, tree, school, cat, book, hat, apple, water, banana.

The fifth task is “Show us your art!”

Each team is to show its own art: sing a song, dance, say poems etc.

Summing up.

The juries make a conclusion. Listen to the juries.


Dear guests, juries, teachers thank you for your attention. Dear children thank you for your participation. Good-bye!