Dream vacation

Dream vacation

The theme of the lesson: Dream vacation
Form: 9
The aim of the lesson:
a) Practice pupils by doing different kinds of games and exercises of the lesson, enrich pupil’s vocabulary
b) Develop pupil’s skills and habits, making up different conversations
c) Bring up to interest in learning English and pupil’s feeling of international friendship.
Visual aids: interactive board, map, picture, card,
The type of the lesson: new lesson

The Outline of the lesson
1. Organization moment
2. Phonetic drill
3. Explaining new material
4. Doing exercises
5. Puzzle time
6. Giving the home work
7. The end of the lesson

I. Organization moment
a) Greeting
— Good morning, children
— Good morning, teacher
b) Check up attendance
— Who is on duty today?
— I’m on duty today
— Who is absent?
… .
Today we’ll travel to all world
I’ll give you cards for your answer.
Cards-3, 4, 5

II. Phonetic drill
Phonetic exercises which will help to the pupil to develop their for English sounds and to perfect their own speaking skills.
Now, children, let’s read this poem. Please, listen and repeat after me.
Then you will read it in yourself.
You’ll find stories of every kind
You’ll find emotions of every type
You’ll see, you’ll feel
You’ll know secrets and mysteries

III. Explaining new lesson
Find this rebus
Dress, camel, vase, cat, lion

The theme of our new lesson is «Dream vacation», and I hope that from this lesson we’ll get some information about travelling.
Close your eyes and think of your dream vacation:
What kind of places will you visit?
Who will you take with you?
Pupils will speak about their dreams: Where they want to go and what they want to see and with whom they want to go.
Before begin the lesson lets memorize new words. First, you will repeat after me.

Dream—- Арман, қиял
Statue of Liberty—-
Бостандық ескерткіш
Франсуз тағамы

IV. Doing exercise
№ 1 Omar and Asel

№ 2 read
Dream vacation

№3 True or false
1. True
2. False
3. True
4. True
5. False

№ 4 What is the Kuralai to see or to do in these cities?
a. New York – Statue of Liberty
b. Paris –Eiffel Tower
c. Rio-de-Janeiro – learn to dance samba
d. Cairo – Nile River
e. Kyoto –kimono

V. Puzzle time
A) I enjoy meeting different people
I live in Kazakhstan
Astana is the modern city of the XXI century
Kazakhstan is the my Motherland
East or West home is best
B) Proverb about Motherland

VI. Conclusion of the lesson
Compare with my dream vacation and Kuralai’s dream vacation
My dream vacation Kuralai’s dream vacation
I will visit Astana because
We are celebrate our 20 years
Independence of Kazakhstan

VII. Giving the homework
Your homework for next lesson Ex: 4b), and to learn by heart vocabulary.
Essay: My dream vacation

VIII. The end of the lesson

Dear pupils! We have done many kinds of work at our lesson. You were very active and clever at the lesson. I’ll give good marks for everybody, who participates for our lesson. I’m very pleased with your English. Good luck. The lesson is over. Good bye.