Do you know English well?

The theme :“Do you know English well?”

The aims: to enrich the students speech practices using grammar and vocabulary.

The objectives:

-to widen the outlook;

-to develop the students speaking habits in English;

-to develop their activities andan interest to the subject;

-to develop an ability to express an opinion;

Visual aids: interactive board;

The kind: a competition lesson

The theme of our competition is:“Do you know English well?”

The procedure of the lesson:

Teacher: Good afternoon, dear guests, teachers and students! We are glad to see you at our competition, which will be held in the form of competition between 4participants . We sure you will demonstrate what you know about English.

The theme of our competition is:“Who is the best?“.

Presenter 1: Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.

Presenter 2: Good afternoon dear friends. You are welcome to our English game.

Presenter 1: We have got 4 experts.

Presenter 2: Four participants take part in our game. /They are…/


Our game consists of 5 stages.

The 1-st stage is: Who is the best?

The 2-d stage is: Complete the proverbs

The 3-d stage is:  Guess the riddles

The 4-th stage is: Do you know the opposites?

The 5-th stage is: Think, find


Presenter 1: The first level is called “Who is the best?”

Presenter 2: You should answer 16 questions. The first who raises the sign is going to answer. Each right answer brings you 10 points.


  1. What is the highest mountain peak in Kazakhstan? (Khan Tengry)
  2. How many parts of the country are situated on the Island of Great Britain? What are they? (3. England, Wales, Scotland)
  3. What river is the capital situated on, in Great Britain? (on the Thames)
  4. Who is officially the head of the country? (Queen or King)
  5. What is the London home of the Queen? (Buckingham Palace)
  6. What are the oldest English Universities? (Oxford and Cambridge Universities)
  7. How many people live in Britain? (more than 56 million)
  8. Who is the National Hero of Britain, the defender of the poor people? (Robin Hood)
  9. Who was the first president of the USA? (George Washington)
  10. Name the days of the week?(Monday……)
  11. What holiday celebrated on the 25 the of December in Great Britain?
  12. ‘Dandelion’ is an animal or a flower? ( a flower)
  13. Who is the author of the novel ‘The way of Abay’? (M. Auezov)
  14. What is the symbol of freedom in Kazakhstan? (an eagle)
  15. The oldest name of the capital of Kazakhstan?(Akmola, Tselinograd)
  16. When was the Declaration of Independence proclaimed? (16 December 1991)


Presenter 1: So, the 1-st stage is over.

Presenter 2: The 2-d round, which calls ‘Complete the proverbs’. I`ll say you some Kazakh proverbs, you must find the missed words and translate into Russian and Kazakh languages.Here are some proverbs you have to find…. Answer should be given in English, Kazakh, Russian

  1. . East or West home is … (best – жақсы — лучше)
  2. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do ….(бүгін – сегодня — today)
  3. Health is above … (wealth – денсаулық – здоровье)
  4. The books are our … (friends – достар — друзья)
  5. All is not…that glitters (gold – алтын – золото)
  6. Money spent on the ….. is never spent in vain (brain – ақыл – ум)
  7. An …a day keeps the doctor away. (apple – алма — яблоко)
  8. Lost … is never found again. (time — уақыт — время)
  9. … is power. (knowledge – білім — знание)
  10. Better late than … (never – ешқашан — никогда)

So, the 2-nd stage is over. 2 players who got less balls must leave our competition.


Presenter 2: The 3-d round :”Guess the riddles.”?


In spring I look gay,

Covered in a green array,

The warmer it gets the more clothing I wear,

As the cold grows,

I throw away my clothes,

What am I?

(a tree)


It runs and runs

But it will never run out,

It flows

What I am talking about?

(a river)


Voiceless it cries,

Wingless flutters,

Toothless bites,

Mouthless mutters.

(the wind)


Has no legs,

But just for full

It is always

On the run.

(a ball)


I plow and plow, but never sow.

What am I?

(a pig)


Presenter 2:Do you know the opposites of the words. You will be given the sheets of paper with adjectives. Find the antonyms and translate them into Kazakh.


Fast—- cheap

Small—— dirty

Clean—- boring

Interesting—— big

Expensive—— slow

Safe—— easy

Famous—— cold

Old —— young

Hot —— well-known

Difficult —— dangerous


Presenter 1: The last control round is “Think, find”.


1) Howmanystatesarethereinthe USA? (50)

2) What is American` s national sport? (Baseball)

3) WhichstreetdidSherlockHolmeslive?   (BackerStreet 221B)

4) What is the national symbol of Kazakhstan? (golden man )

5) WhenisChristmascelebrated?   (onthe 25th ofDecember

6) WhatdaycomesafterSunday?   (Monday)

7) Who is the author of “Romeo and Juliet”  ( W. Shakespeare )

8) What is the capital of Northern Ireland ?(Belfast )

9) Where is Disneyland? (In California)

10)Which month is the day of independence in Kazakhstan? (December )

11)The head of Great Britain? ( The Queen )

12) How many rooms are there in the White House? (132 )


Presenter 2: Let’s listen to the song and enjoy it. It’s  a very popular song from the famous film “Titanic” .

You’re welcome, Zhanasbek.


Awarding the winners.

Teacher: Dear students! Dear guests!  Our competition is over. Let’s see our results.

Well, the jury, it’s time to declare the winners of our today’s competition.

Thanks a lot to everyone for taking an active part at our lesson.  I think that you’ll see it’s very important to study English. I wish you success in studying English. Thank you for your attention. Good-bye!