Did you have a good weekend?

The themeDid you have a good weekend?
Aim of the lesson·         To enrich pupil`s knowledge about the weekend, to express their opinions

·         to extend pupils’ speaking skills through giving instructions to create an atmosphere of self and  mutual respect  and social interaction through group and pair works

Waiting resultAt the end of the lesson pupils will be able to:

·         Work with pair and group

·         Improve word vocabulary

·         Quick translate

Active forms of workDialogue, group work, pair – talk, thin and thick questions strategy, mosaic, knowledge tree, conversation including problematic questions.
ResourcesInteractive board, pictures, A3 sheets, markers
Procedure of the lesson
stages of the lessontime:

45 min

Actions of the
 teacher pupils
Greeting and dividing into groups3 min1st  group “Weekend”

2nd group “Holiday

stand in a circle, choose one of the paper, read and sit into groups
Checking up hometask6 minasks pupils to say what was their home task for today, then checks it up by asking one pupil from the group ,answer the question

All the words in the answers to this puzzle have the letter E in the middle

1.      You sleep in this? (bed)

2.      How do you ……your name?(spell)

3.      Your mother and father are your …..?(parents)

4.      A day of the week?(Wednesday )

5.      A number between 20 and 100?(seventy)

6.      Women wear this?(dress)

7.      You unlock a door with this?(key)



remind the teacher their home task for today, one pupil from each group answer the question.
Look and say3 minAnd so look at the picture you can see the pictures of girls:

1.      Who are these people?

2.      What do you know about them?

3.      What do you think they are talking about?


1.      Molly and Liz

2.      Molly and Liz are 15, they are best friends

3.      Perhaps they are talking about the weekend

In order to know what are they talking about let`s do a puzzle.



Look and answer the questions






Thin and thick questions5 min1. Did you have a good weekend?

-Yes, I did

-No I didn`t

2. What did you do?

I stayed at home, I didn`t do anything

Note: The form of the past tense question is always did……….have………..?

Pictures of activities.

To play football, to watch TV, to travel, to do homework, to play computer games, listen to music, to read the books, to go to the Zoo, to visit friends, to swim.



Warm up exercise

“Head shoulders, knees and toes”

2 minrepeats the actions  of the children from the video together with pupilsrepeat the actions of the children  from the video
Pair Work8 minasks pupils to work in pairs. Their task is to read the text. It is being done after the texts have been translated by them orally one by one and answer the questions. work in pairs read the texts
Listening7 min to listen to the dialogue and choose the correct answer “True” or “False”Listening
Reflection, Giving feedback and assessment5  minasks pupils to tell how they get to school in chain, then teacher counts the points of the group and comments markstell to the teacher how they get to school in chain, listen to the marks they’ve got for the lesson
Giving hometaskEx 1-2 p 13