Artificial intelligence

Demonstration Lesson Plan

Date:      18/12/2013

Grade:   “7 а”

Theme: “Artificial intelligence”




1) communicative – to present language material on theme “Artificial intelligence”

2) educational – to enlarge pupils’ knowledge about science

3) developing – to develop pupils’ speaking, critical thinking ,

reading skill and lexical habits




— read an article about artificial intelligence


— study compound nouns


Visual aids: Textbook “Messages 3”, pictures, cards.





The procedure of the lesson





Organization moment






Checking – up the home task







































While- reading




























































Good-afternoon, dear pupils!

How are you?

Who is on duty today?

Who is absent today?

What date is it today?

What day is it today?


P. 61 Ex 3b,4 a. Complete the explanation.


Ex.3 b


It’ll be very hot in Kenya. You probably won’t like the food. We use will or won’t + verb when we are sure about something in the future.

We use probably with will or won’t if we aren’t completely sure. Lizzie might be ill. They don’t know. She might not like it. We use might or might not+verb when we don’t know what will happen.


Ex. 4.a.


2. I promise I’ll be careful.

3.  Martin, I won’t go out with anyone else.

4.  I‘ll wear a hat if it’s very hot.

5. I‘ll send you a postcard,I promise.

6. I  won’t forget to take my malaria tablets.


Crossword “Robot”


1.You eat spaghetti with it. (Fork)

2.You eat soup with it. (Spoon)

3.Sport cloth.  (Boots)

4.Tom Bradshow  won five Olympic gold medals.

5.Tom Bradsow’s  character


(Hidden word is – ROBOT)


Read the newspaper article “Artificial Intelligence”. P.63 Ex 2


-What do you think artificial intelligence is?

-Do you watch science fiction films?

-Which films have you got robots in them?


Video-trailer of the movie»Real steel»

What trailer is about?


Vocabulary (Visual aid)


1.Artificial Intelligence [‚ɑ:rtə’fɪʃəl ɪn’telɪdʒəns]-жасанды ақыл

2.Chairman [’tʃeərmən] — орынбасар

3.Common [’kɒmən] — жалпы

4.Smart [smɑ:rt] — ақыл

5.Research [ri:’sɜ:rtʃ]- зерттеу

6.Expert [ɪk’spɜ:rt]  — эксперт

7.Level [’levəl]– дәреже

8.Optimistic [‚ɒptɪ’mɪstɪk] – оптимистик көзқарас

9.Assistant [ə’sɪstənt]  — көмекші

10.Personal [’pɜ:rsənəl] — жеке

11.Arrangement [ə’reɪndʒmənt]- келісім




-Who or what is Hal? (Hal is a robot)

-In the 1970s, were the experts’ predictions right? (No,they weren’t)

-Where are the computers in a kitchen?(Coffee makers, fridges, washing machines and ovens)

-Computers are changing. How?(They’re getting smarter. They’re starting to think.)

-Will Hal be like a human being? (Yes,he will)



Word work Compound nouns. Match a word with appropriate pictures. maker

2.dining  room

3.traffic jam park

5.bus stop phone

7.alarm clock

8.washing machines chip

10.pop star


Parts of robot (with questions)



5-6 pupils are supposed to be evaluated


Home-work. P. 63 Ex. 4. Make future predictions.




Our lesson is over!


Good — bye  pupils!


Have a nice day!




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