Competition-party “Let’s speak English”

Ағылшын тілі пәнінен сыныптан тыс іс-шараның әдістемелік дайындамасы

Competition-party “Let’s speak English”

The aims: to check  the pupil’s knowledge; to develop their logical thinking; to develop the pupil’s skills of speaking; to teach them to work together, to help each other.

The aids: posters with tasks, cards, a TV, a video.

The plan of the party:

Greeting pupils and guests.

Teacher: -Good-evening, dear guests and pupils! We welcome you to our party which is called “Let’s  speak English”. You will enjoy  watching the competition of two strong teams. Let’s invite  them. The first team is called “Britans” and the second team is called “Americans”.

Let’s introduce with the games of today’s competition:

  1. “Be quicker and cleverer!” (to answer the questions)
  2. “Find out the word”
  3. “The best translators”
  4. “Choose the theme”
  5. “Video question”

-Are you ready? Let’s go.

  1. “Be quicker and cleverer!” (to answer the questions)

Questions for the first team:

  1. What is the capital of Great Britain?
  2. How many states are there in the USA?
  3. What is the capital of Scotland?
  4. How many days are there in a week? What are they?
  5. What month is it after November?
  6. How many seasons are there in a year? What are they?
  7. What part is the heart of London?
  8. Who is the first cosmonaut of Kazakhstan?
  9. Who is the president of the USA now?
  10. Who is the head of Great Britain?


 Questions for the second team:

  1. What is the capital of the USA?
  2. How many parts are there in London?
  3. What is the capital of Northern Ireland?
  4. How many months are there in a year? What are they?
  5. What day is it  after Wednesday?
  6. What is the hottest season in our place?
  7. What is the nickname of New York?
  8. Who wrote the novel “Abai’s road”
  9. Who is the president of Russia now?
  10. What is the highest mountain in Great Britain?


  1. “Find out the word”

Сұрақ-жұмбақ айтылады және оның шешуі тақтада жасырын әріптермен беріледі. Әр топқа 3 әріп айтуға рұқсат беріледі. Атаған әріптері сөз ішінде бар болса, ашылады)


For the first team: We eat and drink here.





For the second team: We wash our faces and hands here.





  1. “The best translators”

( Тақтада 6 түрлі тақырып жазылған плакат тұрады, әр топ кезек-кезек тақырып таңдайды және сол тақырыпқа байланысты сөздердің аудармасын табады)











Words for the translation:

Fruit: grape, plum, pear, orange, strawberry, cherry.

Drink: water, milk, tea, wine, juice, coke.

Flower: dandelion, daisy, rose, tulip, snowdrop, thistle

Food: rice, sugar, bread, butter, meat, cheese

Body: eye, neck, foot, finger, stomach, back.

Animal: bear, elephant, wolf, fox, rabbit, camel.


  1. “Choose the theme”

(бұл кезеңде  екі топтың оқушылары жеребе арқылы өздеріне тиесілі тақырыптарды анықтайды. Анықтап болғасын  мұғалім бірнеше сөздер оқиды, сол сөздің қандай тақырыпқа жататынын айтады, дұрыс жауаптар санына қарай ұпай беріледі)











History                                          red

Ambassador                                  sofa

Biology                                         car

Coat                                              train

Dress                                            plane

Doctor                                          table

Teacher                                         yellow

Chemistry                                              green

Secretary                                       helicopter

Shirt                                              black

Tie                                                bus

Driver                                           bed

Engineer                                        chair

Russian                                         blue

Art                                                ship

Hat                                                white

Lawyer                                          grey

Trousers                                       pink


  1. “Video question”

(теледидардан Лондон қаласы туралы бейнематериал көрсетіледі, сұраққа байланысты оқушылар қай жер екендігін табуы тиіс)

The first question: This park is famous in London. It is situated in the center of the West End in London There is a corner, where everyone can say what they want. It is called “Speaker’s corner”. What park am I talking about?

The second question: This square is famous too. Millions of tourists come here from all countries. There is a column in the center of the square. Whose column is it and how is the square called?



The counters of each team will be counted. The winners will be given diplomas.

T: -We thank you that you have taken part in our today’s competition and we wish you to be good students. Good luck!