The theme: It really works!

The theme: It really works!


  1. to speak  about the health
  2.  to give some information about new lexical theme, to encourage pupils in dialogue and to express their opinions, to revise grammatical themes,
  3. to bring up the healthy way of life, love and interest to the subject , respect to each other, thinking, understanding, oral speech.

Methods: group work, work in pairs, game technology.

  Inter-subject connection: Grammar, Phonetics, Biology, Kazakh, Russian

  The equipment of the lesson:

  1. visual aids: table with new words, table with tasks, proverb, pictures, a table with parts of the body, the crossword
  2. distributing material: texts, cards

The technical aids: interactive board, slides, tape recorder, cassettes

The procedure of the lesson

  1. The organization moment:
  2. a)   —  Good morning, children! How are you today?

—    Good morning, teacher! We are fine!  And you?

  • Oh, I’m fine too, thank you.
  1. b) Dialogue with the pupil on duty.
  2. c) Introducing the theme and objectives: Today we are going to talk about health, to     revise grammar material, to work in pairs, to express our opinions on the theme.
  3. b)  Phonetic drill:    reading the proverb, giving the Kazakh and Russian equivalents

“Health is above wealth”

“Денсаулық бірінші байлық”

“Здоровье превыше всего”

  1. II. Main part:
  2. a) Warming up: Let’s start our lesson. Now, look at the board, please and guess the words. When you guess all these words you may know the theme of the lesson. (slides)


Vocabulary work:  there is a table with new words (slides)









Now children let’s repeat it together in chorus

  1. Pair work(listening dialogue by tape-recorder)

A: Aidana, how are you?

B:  Oh, I’m not so good

A:  What’s the matter?

B:   I have a temperature

A:  Really! That’s too bad! Have you taken any medicine?

B: Oh, not yet

A: Well, do you know what you should do?  You must stay in bed

Now, children, let’s talk about home remedies

  1. Group work

1 group- tell us  about problems

2 group- tell us about some advices

3 group- tell us  about home remedies



ProblemsAdviceHome remedy
I have a toothacheSee the dentistTake some aspirin

That well done.

  1. Consolidation of the new material

Children, let’s read the text and find the true or false sentences:

  1. a) Ice is good for burn F
  2. b) Warm milk helps you to sleep T
  3. Comprehension check: What are good things? Divide into good and bad things


Good things                                                            Bad things

to do exercises                                                              to smoke

to eat healthy food                                                       to use an alcohol


                                To be healthy

To eat just fruits and vegetables                             to keep the diet

  1. Conclusion of the lesson:

In Conclusion of the lesson I’d like you to think about a well-known proverb as.

“The first wealth is health”

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”

“He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything” Discuss one of them


III. Concluding part:

Home task

  1. learn the words
  2. Write a composition “My last visit to a doctor”