The theme of the lesson: “Welcome to Great Britain”

Grade: 10

The theme of the lesson: “Welcome to Great Britain”

The aims of the lesson:

Educational: to present new words concerning on the theme and practise them in pupils’ speech;

Developing: to develop pupils’ interest for learning English language, to improve pronunciation skills and abilities;

Bringing – up: to teach children to be attentive, kind and polite, to bring up feelings of friendship and respect for the English speaker countries.

The equipments: computer, interactive board, illustrated pictures, video material, songs.

Literature: a book by T.Ayapova

The type of the lesson: getting new information

The methods of teaching: presentation, explanation, question – answer,

pair work.


The procedure of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment
  2. greetings
  3. talk with pupil on duty
  4. marking absentees


  1. The beginning of the lesson

Teacher: Today I’d like to tell and show you about the UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Today you’ll get some more information about English speaker countries. We shall learn some new words, read, answer the questions and do some exercises. Be attentive. (Звучит медленно английская старинная мелодия ) (Приложение 1)

Now let’s see an interesting video material “Welcome to the UK”

(Приложение 2.)

Teacher: Now please answer to my questions:

  1. How many parts are there in Great Britain?
  2. What are they?
  3. What is the capital of G. B.?


  • Presentation

 (Приложение 3) “Welcome to GB”  (2 cлайд)


Student 1: The full name of this country is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Great Britain is situated on the British Isles. It consist of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Great Britain is an island country. The biggest island is Great Britain.

In the north G.B. is washed by the Atlantic Ocean and in the east of Europe G.B. is washed by the North Sea. (3,4 слайд)

Student 2:    The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


             England                Wales                Scotland              Northern Ireland

-The capital of England is London. Magic England has beautiful landscapes. England is a country of red roses (5 слайд)

— The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh. It is famous for bagpipers. Some men wear kilts. A thistle is the symbol of Scotland. (6 слайд)

— The capital of Wales is Cardiff. There are many daffodils in the Wales Valleys (7 слайд)

— The capital of this country is Belfast. The symbol is a shamrock and a red hand. (8 слайд)


Student 3: The flag of G.B. is “Union Jack”. It has three colors: red, blue and white. (9,10 слайд)

Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary)  (born 21 April 1926) (11,12 слайд)

Teacher: Answer to my questions about London.

— What  is the capital of Great Britain?

— Where is London situated?

— What parts is London traditionally divided into?


Student 4: London is the capital of Great Britain, its political, economic and cultural centre. It is one of the largest cities in the world and the largest city in Europe. Its population is about 8 million people.

London is situated on the both banks of the river Thames. Today in its full extent Greater London covers 625 square miles. Traditionally London is divided into several parts: The City, Westminster, The West End. Numerous banks , offices and firms are situated there. It is the financial centre of the UK, with many banks offices and Stock Exchange.

Westminster is the historic centre of government. The West End is the richest and most beautiful part of London. The best hotels, shops, restaurants and theatres are situated there. There are beautiful houses and gardens belonging to the wealthy people. Oxford Street in the West End is the endless shopping area which attracts visitors from all over the world.

The East End is the poorest part of London. There are a lot of Factories and docks here. The port of London is also in the East End. The street in the East End are narrow, the buildings are not attractive. The East End is populated by working class families. (13,14 слайд)


Teacher:  Children, what do you know about London’s sightseeing? Let’s remember.

Buckingham Palace (15 слайд)

Trafalgar square (16 слайд)

Big Ben ( 17 слайд)

The London Eye (18 слайд)

The Thames (19 слайд)

Hyde Park (20 слайд)

The Tower of London (21 слайд)

Red double – decker bus (22 слайд)



  1. Relaxation

Teacher:  And now to have a rest. So imagine you are in the plane. Please, make yourself more comfortable. Let’s go. (Звучит песня “Yesterday”).  We are in Liverpool now. What is this city famous for? Liverpool is famous for one of the most popular group in Great Britain. (Приложение 4) (21 слайд)

-What is it’s name?

-What is it’s song about?


  1. Practice
  2. Match the sights and their names. (22 слайд)
  3. Writing

Write down with your neighbour 5 words that come to your mind when you hear “Transport in London”

  1. Reading

Exercise 3, page – 22 – read the text “Transport in London”

  1. Speaking

Exercise 3 /b , page – 22 – there are some mistakes, say if the sentences are true or false.


  1. The Ending of the lesson:
  2. Home task: New words.
  • Write a short essay about Great Britain.
  • Exercise 11 page 23
  1. Marking


Our lesson is over,

Good bye!