The theme of the lesson: “Travelling”

 The theme of the lesson:  “Travelling”

The aim of the theme of the lesson: — to enrich pupils’ vocabulary on the theme      “Travelling” to improve listening and reading habits.

  • developing the speech habits on the theme and habits on pronunciation.

To develop students logical thinking, imagination

  • to develop students’ interest in learning English.

Bringing up: — to bring patriots of our Motherland.

                     — to educate the feelings of international friendship and love our           Motherland K a z a k h s t a n..

Practical: — to be to talk about the travelling.

Type of the lesson: the presentation of a new material.

The method: verbal, explanation.

Form  of the lesson: informational technology.

Visual aids: computer, active board, electron books,  (slide show) “Sightseeing’s” of the capitals

  1. moment: Greeting
  2. Brainstorming: Trigger picture. Now dear, students. Let’s begin our lesson.

                                    First look at the screen! T: what do you see?….. a map

T: what do we think when see a map?  PL2

T: Why do we use the map for?  PL3

T: What do we talk about on our lesson today?  PL4.

The theme of the lesson is “Travelling” …..the motto of the lesson is “The whole world   is open for travelling ” it means……. .

  III. Method of cluster.      T: Are you fond of traveling?

T: Why do people travel? Let’s remember how do people travel?      (интерактивті тақтамен жұмыс)

  1. Vocabulary: Let’s go on our work. Listen new words. (әр сөздің суреттеріне қарап аудармасын табу. )


sea- sick


package tour

  1. Reading: If you have written. Let’s work with computer. First listen the announcer please. “Michel’s diary”
  2. Practical work: If you have read the text do the 1 task. Michel poured some water into his dairy help him to get back missing words.

YII. Compare different ways of traveling. What are their + and — ? What are the advantages and disadvantages of traveling. (work with active board  )


By air                                                         by ship

+                          —                                        +                                       —




By car/ train/ bus                                                hitch- hiking

+                                 —                                              +                  —


Which of the transport do you prefer?

YIII. Listening .  OK! It was very interesting. Now listen to the announcer Read the text “Voyage across America ” Task 2, Task 3 T/F.

  1. Test.
  2. Let’s have a rest. Ойша саяхат. Imagine that we’re traveling all over the world. Media show. (оқушыларға Астанадан бастап, әр елдердің астаналарының әлемге әйгілі жерлері салыстырылып, жаңа мәліметтер беріледі.)